Thinking out loud……Post-Race Slump

Following  Alanna‘s lead and linking up with Amanda for #thinkingoutloudThursdays.


I ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon this past Saturday; March 14, 2015 (Race-Recap coming soon….).


The weather truly affected my race and I have been beating myself up about it since Saturday.  I am usually a strong mind over matter type of person but the rain and cold really got me!  My goal was to finish in under 2:20 as I finished my last half (Baltimore) in 2:19:54 and that course was brutal with hills, hills and more hills…did I mention HILLS!!!.  When I woke up Saturday morning, I was totally bummed about the rain and the cold but put my ‘mind over matter’ psyche on and headed out the door but the psyche didn’t work and before I got to the Metro, I was defeated :(.

Since Saturday, I have been going through the post-race slump.  In my heart of hearts and mind I know that I did the best I could have on Saturday and that my time of 2:28 is one to be proud of and should celebrate. I know…I know…but I am having a hard time letting go.  I have been trying to focus on my upcoming race-Cherry Blossom 10 milercucblogo but I haven’t even put on my running shoes since Saturday.

I did sign up for 2 other races – Rock and Roll Brooklyn in October ! I am really excited about this because this is literally in my childhood backyard and I am so excited to see the neighborhood through different eyes. I also signed up for Rehobeth Beach in December (my final half of the year!).

Additionally, during and after the race I have been having significant knee pain in my right knee. I have had ACL and 2 meniscus repairs on this knee and I am hoping that I have not torn my meniscus again.  I have an apportionment with my orthopedist dr on Tuesday-fingers crossed!

I have been using the week for the much needed rest and recovery my body needs from training and racing. Unfortunately, this has given me more time to think about Saturday’s race (if I would have kept pace with that runner, if I didn’t stop at this mile or that mile, if I would have run the entire mile 6 hill…blah…blah…blah).

I am hoping putting this down will help me to get and let the feelings out. As I am typing this, I think it’s helping (mind over matter!).

Well those are the beginnings of my #thinkingoutloudthursday thoughts!

Have you ever under performed at a race? Have you ever experienced post-race slump? How did you handle it?

2 thoughts on “Thinking out loud……Post-Race Slump

  1. Alanna says:

    Don’t beat yourself up about it! I know that’s easier said than done. They can’t all be great races. I tend to get upset when I have a bad run but then I try to think that I should just be grateful to be able to run. Even a bad run is better than no run at all, as they say. I really hope your doc appointment goes well! Please keep me posted! I’d love to run the Rehobeth Beach half one day too! I hope we can run soon!


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