Friday Fives-Springtime Foods

It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Friday fives with Cynthia, Mar and and Courtney!

Today’s theme is Springtime Foods…..I LOVE TO EAT so this one was pretty easy for me.

1. Grilled Fish!


I love to grill food-I grill my meats for the week every weekend (even in the winter)!  The spring time brings out the warmer temps and the desire for lighter meats on the grill.  During the Spring, I reduce the red meat that I eat and start grilling more seafood!

2. Grilled Vegetables


Since I have the grill going, I might as well put on some vegetables! I love grilled zucchini and squash!

3. BERRIES!!!!


I love every kind of berry.  They are not a perfect peak and sweetness in the Spring but they are becoming sweeter and more available and often on sale (PLUS!!) I use berries for smoothies, sauces, salads and right out of the container.

Every Lent I give up sweets….so the next two are what I enjoy on Easter Sunday (and beyond…lol!!

4. Peeps


Don’t judge me!!! Spring=Easter=Peeps! ‘Nuff Said

5. Starburst Jelly Beans

jelly beans

Judgment is for Jesus!!! Spring=Easter=Startburst Jelly Beans.  No other jelly bean will do!! Don’t try to trick me either!

What are your favorite springtime foods?

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