Thinking out loud #2-Random Thoughts….


It’s Thursday so that means linking up with  Amanda  @ Running with Spoons!


I am all over the place so bear with me and enjoy the ride!

Thought #1-I have been blogging for a week! In this week I have learned so much and I  am excited to learn more, connect more and blog more!!

Thought#2- As I new blogger, I appreciate the many themes that can be found daily to help me with content as I continue to learn and develop as a blogger.

Thought #3- Isn’t it Spring…Tuesday was had freezing rain in the morning here in the DC area, today it was in the 70 and we are having thunderstorms and Saturday we may get snow showers!! !Enough already!!

Thought #4- I went to the Dr yesterday for some severe pain I was having in my knee. Diagnosis… Arthritis! Dr is prescribing joint lubrication and a strong anti inflammatory. With that I have decided to cut back on my halfs this year by 1 and resting mostly during the summer in preparation for fall running. I have a few races planned for the Spring….ok more than a few but you get it-right?!?

Thought #4- Spring Fashions..I am so out of the loop with real clothes (non workout clothes) -what are the new spring trends? Colors? Styles?

Thoughts #5-With the diagnosis from the Dr, I am questioning my ability to keep up with the younger football players in our league. I will have to play smarter-right??

Thought #6-I need new shoes!!! Running and work (heels and flats)

Thought #7- With me reducing my races, any recommendations on how to maintain running during the summer? Run 2 or 3 times a week? Still have 1 day with long runs? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thoughts #8-Is it too early to start creating a 2016 race schedule?? I have 3 planned already with one already paid for!! #raceaddict

Thought #9-I need to get me taxes done!! Any tax prep folks out there?!?

Ok so there you have it..a glimpse of my many thoughts so far today….

What are you thinking out loud today?

5 thoughts on “Thinking out loud #2-Random Thoughts….

  1. AmyBarkerPhoto says:

    Hopefully I won’t need new running shoes till after my Half in May. I don’t want to switch out shoes till after that! Welcome to the world of blogging. I am fairly new at it as well!


    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      I have to find a new style as the ones I have run in and have falling in love with are discontinued :(. I think the ones I have will last me through my half in May and then I guess I will start looking for new ones for races in the fall.

      Thanks-week 2 and trying to figure it all out but having a good experience so far in the blogging world ;).


  2. irun4pizza says:

    When I was healing from a knee injury last year I did a 3 day a week schedule. Speed-work, Tempo Run and Long Run. If I was feeling particularly better I’d toss in an easy recovery run after the long run. I was able to retain my fitness level without injuring myself further!

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