Fitness Fridays…..


As Friday closes out here in the DC area-I wanted to link up with Jill for Fitness Fridays.

After struggling to get out of the bed to workout this morning, I managed to get a good leg workout in.  As I was changing out of my workout clothes, I noticed some changes in my back.  Which actually was a bit surprising because I have been slacking on weight training especially my upper body. Anyhoo, I decided to take a pictures and compare them to pictures from December 2014 and Early Feb 2015… the picture I labeled today’s picture with the wrong date (my super powers were on over drive i guess!lol!).

I often beat my self up for not making my goal (whatever that is) instead of celebrating the mini-goals along the way.  So today on Fitness Friday….I celebrate the road to the goal…..

Tank top season is among us and I am working towards a tank top back and arms!



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