Soleful Saturday #2-PR (what do those 2 little letters mean to you?)

It’s Saturday-which means it’s Soleful Saturday brought to you by yours truley!
Today I am going to talk about those 2 little letters that can make or break every runner!
(or PB-Personal Best)
When I re-started my running journey a little over a year and a half ago, I ran as part of my PT from ACL/Meniscus surgery. Running in a straight line (with no cutting or sudden moves) was a was to let my surgery heal while strengthening my knee to begin football moves like cutting and lateral movements. What started out as a way to get me back on the football field, has turned into a rekindles love obsession!!
After running my first race post ACL surgery, my goal was to finish in 45 min (it was the Turkey Trot 5k). I smashed that and finished in 38 minutes-not bad at all 4 months after surgery. When I posted my pics and results on instagram, I had a few people ask me ‘was that a PR for you?’ So not to sound silly, I didn’t ask what PR stood for instead I looked it up on Google. Have you ever typed in ‘what does PR stand for?’ in Google? See results here!
What I learned that day was once you’ve run your first road race, you have a PR, or a “Personal Record.” It refers to your best time in a race of a specific distance. What I also learned that day is that there are 1,000,000 ‘ways’ to PR.
Being the competitive person that I am, this gave me something to research, to work towards and train for. As I began running more races, I began to see how these two little letters could make or break me (personally) in training and especially
on race day!
how to PR
As I researched, I was amazed at the different ways one could PR. The plans were numerous. I decided to take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and do a gumbo of suggestions to set my PR plan dependent on the race distance.
For my 1st year racing in 2014, I achieved the following PRs:
5k-27:47 (I was on super drive that day! That PR may stay for a while!)
8K-Did not run
10k-Did not run
10 Miler: 2:14:01 (suffering from ITBS-walked and ran)
11k-Did not run
Half -2:19:54
Full-Not happening anytime soon. Only half crazy at this time!
Going into the 2015 race year, my first race started the year on my birthday (Jan1st)
with a New Years race with my local runner’s club MCRRC. With memories of the 27:47 5k 3 weeks earlier, I had my mind set to PR on my birthday with a 27:30 PR. What I didn’t know/realize is that rolling hills can surely derail any thoughts of a PR is you aren’t prepared for those hills.
So there I was on my birthday feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t get the PR I was hoping for. Here is were those two little words can greatly affect a good race.  Instead of appreciating the fact that I completed the race, did not stop, finished under 30 minutes and celebrated the fact that it was a New Year AND my birthday, I was pouting about not getting 27:30.
I decided that I was going to use this year’s half marathons to be a PR setter for me in the half-marathon by then end of the year. Taking my current PR of 2:19:54, I would shave a minute off of my half each race (I had 4 planned for the year) and finish the year with a half PR of 2:15:00.  1st up Rock and Roll DC where my goal was 2:19:00.
I trained hard and well for the Rock and Roll DC Half.  Read my race-recap here.
Well the day came to run the race and the weather SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED!!!! It was cold and rainy and the weather I allowed the weather to affect me race, my run and my finish.  I finished in 2:28:something.  9 minutes over my wanted PR.  So there I was finished my 1st half of the year, and here again is were those two little words greatly affected a decent race. Instead of appreciating and celebrating that I had completed my 1st half of the year, run in weather that others decided to stay home for, running past one of my Alma Matas (Howard University), running a race and overall Rocking out the race, I  was concentrating on the fact that I was wet, cold, mad, upset, frustrated, kicking my self in the butt for stopping during the race, walking up THAT HILL and overall having a crappy race because I didn’t get the PR I wanted.
It took me a whole week to get over my feelings about Rock and Roll DC!
So here I am focusing on the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in 2 weeks and of course a PR is in my head-I have a time I would like to finish by and I am preparing myself for both sides of the PR feeling (yes-I got the PR I was hoping for, dang-I didn’t get the PR I was hoping for).
I am optimistic that I will be in a place to celebrate my accomplishments what ever the Garmin and official time reads.
I will finish my training and give my best effort!
Cherry Blossom here I come!
What are your PRs? How do you handle not getting the PR you wanted?

One thought on “Soleful Saturday #2-PR (what do those 2 little letters mean to you?)

  1. Alanna says:

    Sometimes it is hard not to feel bummed out when you don’t get a PR. I just keep thinking that I could’ve done better.

    You’re going rock that Cherry Blossom 10 miler! You’re an awesome person and runner!


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