Weekend Update…#2-My how the weekend buzzes by!

Weekend Update Edition

It’s Monday and so that means linking up with Tara for another edition of Weekend Update!  This is my second time participating and I have to tell you that Mondays are a bit more fun now because I get to share with you all about my weekend and I also get to see what
everybody else did over the weekend!

This also introduces me to new blogs/bloggers to follow.

I have committed to reading all the blogs that are linked to any link ups that I participate with-needless to say, I find so many wonderful blogs each day!

You all are awesome!!

Anyhoo…here is my weekend update (March 27-29-2015)

Does the weekend seem to go by in a blink to anyone else?!? I am thankful that I take pictures all the time because that is sometimes the only way I can remember what I do-SMH!


I had a hard time remembering what I did on Friday but then I remembered that I had every intention of coming home doing laundry (wash, fold, put away), cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms…note that I started my sentence with ‘I had every intention….’. The reality was that I ended up watching the 2014 Annie and playing Uno with the kiddies.  The choice was not hard at all….I love my kiddies and they are growing up so fast (my oldest will be 7 next week!!) that I am cherishing every minute with them! the chores will be there and sure ’nuff they were there on Saturday and Sunday too-lol!!

Also, I had to cancel my long run with my sole mate Alanna for Saturday because my husband ended up going out of town Friday night. I was devastated as I was planning a new route for us to run and we had not run together in more than a month. We are both training for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on April 12th.


Gymnastics and soccer mom duties begin at 9am as per every Saturday! This is my daughters 2nd day at the new gym and already she has gotten better and is being challenged (she doesn’t like that but she can only get better).  She shuts down a little because she was unable to do a move on the trampoline but with support from the teacher, she attempts it and move on.  I like that the teacher did not let her ‘get away’ with not trying and encouraged her to ask for help. Then it was off to my son’s last soccer training clinic class.  He has been taking soccer training since the fall and has done really well.  His coach told me to try to find a travel team and/or specialty camp for him as his skills and his ability to develop skills is higher than I would find in the local rec leagues.  Well that just made me feel so proud! So now I am researching soccer camps and such for him for the summer and looking into a travel team for him for the fall.  Selfishly I am thinking travel teams could lead to me being able to sign up for some races along the way 🙂 ……hey I am a Mother Runner -right?!?!


Then it was off to Costco for weekly meal prep meat buys and excitedly picked up single serve Organic Wholly Guacamole-SUPER EXCITED about this!!!. I always buy avocados with the intent of making guac but NEVER do!!! Now I can have guac whenever I want-SCORE!!!!!


I was craving some BBQ, so we went to Famous Dave’s but was cherished as the the food was extremely salty #epicfail! Now I remember why I don’t eat out and I cook my own meals!

The back home to grill next week’s meats and wind down.


My husband came home around 8 ish and since I didn’t get to go running in the morning, changed into my running clothes and got 4 miles in.  I usually don’t run/workout in the evening because I usually have a hard time winding down and falling asleep but I needed to run so I did.  I actually ran a route that took me down and up a pretty steep hill but I am proud to report that I did not stop going up the hill. Sure I slowed to almost a shuffle…..but I didn’t stop!


I haven’t run nearly as much as I should be in preparation for the Cherry Blossom in 2 weeks but I will get some runs in this week and next and be ready to get it done!!


Early morning football practice. Less drills today -my knees and legs were SO grateful. 2 hrs of good cardio!

Then it was off to get the kids cleaned up and ready for a photo shoot with their favorite international children’s singer Andres!  We were personally invited by Andres to be in a promotional photo shoot.  The kids were very excited!   If you are in the DC area, make sure to find a local show-he is GREAT!!! Last spring and summer , I swear we were his groupies biggest fans! We were at every show that we could make.  The kids had a great time at the photo shoot and handled it well.

I treated them to a visit to the Famous Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC where they enjoyed a burger, chili cheese fries and a vanilla shake.  They gave it a thumbs up!


The sunset was so beautiful driving home, so I snapped a shot..

We drove home on the GW parkway, which runs adjacent to the Cherry Blossoms and the monuments. The Cherry Blossoms are not bloomed as yet but this allowed for us to see some of the monuments past the branches. As we were driving my son asked, it we could come and see the monuments for his birthday. I told him of course! I checked the weather and it is suppose to be raining but I think we will try to make it to one of the Smithsonians at least.

We got home and got ready for Monday!

Wow where did the weekend go?

How was your weekend? Did you do anything out of the ordinary?

18 thoughts on “Weekend Update…#2-My how the weekend buzzes by!

  1. Running 'N' Reading says:

    Oh, my gosh, I “have the best of intentions,” too…way too often – ha! That’s okay, though, because we are living life and doing what makes us happy! Your kids are just adorable; those little faces!! Sounds like you had a great weekend; thanks so much for linking up with the blog and sharing it with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fitballingrunningmom says:

    I am going to attempt the laundry this Friday on my day off….only because it’s serious now because my running clothes need to be washed! Lol!! #priorities

    I am excited about a pretty flat course. I live in Germantown, MD and never realized how many hills there are until I started running!! No matter which way I run there is a hill!!

    I hadn’t been to Ben’s in forever and it was so tasty!!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Great weekend recap! I giggled at this line ‘I had every intention”…. I always want to do laundry…but it grows. Nice job on incorporating the hill in your run – CB is flat except for the last mini hill at the end towards the finish (then downhill to the finish line). Ben’s is yummy – that is right around my neighborhood 🙂


  4. Lara @ Uptite Mamas says:

    Your kids are ADORABLE!
    I love how you started off saying that you had a hard time remembering what you did on Friday. That made me laugh because I am the same way. If I hadn’t gotten into the habit of taking pictures along the way, I would absolutely be forgetting too!
    I love your mindset about travel soccer and finding races along the way! Smart Lady!!


  5. Mary Beth Jackson says:

    what a nice weekend! great pictures of the kiddos and I agree with you, chores can wait, time with the kids comes first! I love those little individual containers of guac- that is a super find! I hope you enjoy the week !


  6. Alanna says:

    The weekend does go by in a blink. It’s incredible! I hope every weekend that the laundry will wash and fold itself but it never happens. We are certainly due for a run!

    I like your thinking with the travel teams. I love guacamole too! Awesome job still getting a run in!

    Great pics of the kids! They are so cute!


  7. Sharon says:

    Sounds like a good and busy weekend. Love that your kids are active! I also like how Costco has the individual guacamole packets. I usually freeze them if I can’t use them by the use by date and it is great so they won’t spoil.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. javaandsole says:

    Excited to hear all about your Cherry Blossom Run – my friends and I are hoping to get in next year! I haven’t run in the evening in years (though that’s how I started) but it’s so nice out I might have to take off for a few miles before bed! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

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