Wild-Workout Wednesday…Day 1 Rock Your Core and New Leg Routine

It’s Wednesday and I have the pleasure of finding 2 Workout Wednesday Link-ups:

Wild Workout Wednesday

Wild Workout Wednesday  Link up with  Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Upala at Pretty in Pink Fitness, and Amber at Bold Fit Mom!

This is Wild Workout Wednesday #1 for me!


WOW Wednesday


The Frugal Exerciser and Femme Fitale Fit Club

Today is Day 1 of #rockyourcore with Jill and a few fabulous other fit-bloggers:


Diatta from Femme Fitale Fit Club
Safari from Tri-ing To Run Boston
Maureen from Organically Mo 
Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC
Sheila from The Frugal Exerciser
Amber from  NutriFitMama
Erika from MCM Mama Runs
Nicole from Fitful Focus
Deborah from Confessions of a Mother Runner

I am excited about this challenge for 2 reasons….1. This fit right in with my April goals and 2. What a great way to hold me accountable!!

Today is also Day 1 of my new leg weight training.  In the past months, I have trained legs maybe one day a week and have relied on running to keep my legs strong.  Well this has not worked for me AT ALL and since being diagnosed with arthritis in my right knee and the Dr. strongly recommending adding more cross training to my training schedule, I have decided to train legs 2 times a week.

Today’s workout was:

Alternating Lunges= 3 set of 12 with 45lbs on the BarBell

Squat finisher -1 set with 45 lbs on the Barbell

Good Mornings-3 sets of 12 with 45lbs on the BarBell

Kickbacks with Bodylastic 23lb and 8 lb bands

Standing Leg Abduction with 23lb and 8 lb bands

1 leg bridges on balance disc-3 sets of 12

#rockyoucore-4 sets of 20 crunches and 1:00 min plank finisher

IMG_20150401_064642 IMG_20150401_064118

I work out at home and will be utilizing my at home gym equipment to help me achieve my April goals of stronger Abs and Legs.

My at-home gym equipment:

Squat Bar:


Free Weights:


BowFlex  Weights:


BodyLastic Resistance Bands:


 Mat and Bar Bell




Jump Rope:


Balance Disc:


Accountability Pictures:


IMG_20150401_055352 IMG_20150401_055420


IMG_20150401_055532 IMG_20150401_055545

Here are my Fitness Goals for April that I shared yesterday with Alyssa  and Tracy on their Training for Tuesday link-up:

My April fitness goals are:

-Have a good race at The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler…celebrate my accomplishments no matter what the clocks/Garmin say

-Continue training for Zooma including a local race for my son’s school.

-Reduce running from 3 times a week each week to running 2 times and 3 times a alternating weeks.

-Increasing weight training days for legs and abs to 2 times a week.

-I am participating in the Rock Your Core Challenge #rockyourcore with Jill and some other fit-bloggers.

-Eat whole 30ish (After Easter) except for fueling purposes during long runs

Happy April!!! What are your fitness goals for April? Do you workout at home or at a gym?

7 thoughts on “Wild-Workout Wednesday…Day 1 Rock Your Core and New Leg Routine

  1. Femme Fitale Fit Club says:

    What an awesome way to start April and your fitness goals. You look great and I hope our #RockYourCore challenge helps you see the results you are looking for. I love your homegym btw. I have to record a tour of mine – it is in our unfinished area but it really works for us. Happy to have you join our link up. #wowlinkup


    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      Home gym….more like gym. equipment in the corner of the living room-ha!

      I am excited about #rockyourccore – I need to look at the recipies to see how to incorporate into the weekly meals.

      Thanks for the link-up and challenge.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alanna says:

    I love your home gym! Maybe once we get a bigger house I’ll try to get some equipment so I can work out at home more.

    Awesome goals! Rockyourcore sounds like a fun challenge. Good luck reaching all of your goals! I’m sure you’ll do great!


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