Soleful Saturday #3-You know you are a runner when…..


It’s another addition of Soleful Saturdays here on my blog.

If this is your first time joining me on a Saturday, one of my posts on Saturdays will be called Soleful Saturday that will be devoted to anything and everything running.

Today’s theme…..You know you are a runner when…….

This weekend I am visiting my dad in Brooklyn, New York.  Of course when I was packing my bags, half of my clothes packed were clothes to go running in!  I didn’t pack an appropriate jacket to hang out in for the weekend, but I have the appropriate jacket and running gear for running in the morning.

The temps should be in the 40s feeling like the mid-high 30s.

After saying pleasantries to my dad and his wife, my next questions was……so how far is Prospect Part from here? He wasn’t even taken aback by the question!  I was so happy when he said ‘ It’s 3.5 from here and back.’  He walks there and the trails a few times a week. My dad is super fit for 71 years young!!

So here I am Google mapping directions to Prospect Park to make sure that I am able to get there and back without getting lost and having the right mileage. In my search, I came across a website called Run Your City-where they have maps of different parks in different cities!!!

Run Your City-Brooklyn gave me the runners friendly map of Prospect Park and the following information:

Prospect Park


This park is Brooklyn’s running jewel. Just like Central Park there is an inner roadway that is shared by athletes and motorists, making it relatively safe for runners. This is no coincidence as both parks were designed by the same two men, Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux.

For your convenience here are the distances for some of the most common loops:

  • Full inner-loop: 3.36 miles
  • Full outer-loop: 3.68 miles
  • Southern-loop (red and green): 1.76 miles
  • Larger Southern-loop (red and orange): 2.06 miles
  • Middle-loop (green and orange): 1.54 miles
  • Larger Northern-loop (brown, blue, and green): 2.84 miles
  • Northern-loop (brown, blue, and orange): 2.44 miles


If I mapped it right I should be able to get 6.5 miles to Prospect Park, around Prospect Park and back to my dad’s. Depending on how my knee feels, I may try to get some more miles in around the neighborhood.  He lives in a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood-you almost forget you are in the city!

I am so excited to run in the morning!!!

There will be lots of pictures taken for sure :)!

Do you pack running clothes when you travel? Is running always on the schedule when you travel?

3 thoughts on “Soleful Saturday #3-You know you are a runner when…..

  1. awiselee says:

    I am a native NYer who now lives in Indiana. I spend a lot of time thinking about amazing running routes in my city! I have been known to plan our family vacations around races. There is something so exhilarating about running in a city other than home!


    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      So true!! I had a great run in Prospect Park-i could have run for hour in there!! I am going back in late June and already was looking for a race-ha!!
      My husband had asked me to go to New Orleans and I was like ‘uumm-not really interested’ but now I am signed up for run RnR Half in New Orleanss next Feb…I haven’t told him yet-smh!

      Thanks for reading and following my blog. Much appreciated!!


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