Funday Friday-Fitness and Fives

It’s FRIDAY!!!! TGIF!!!

Friday link- ups today with -DC Trifecta of Cynthia, Mar and and Courtney for Friday Fives and with Jill for Fitness Fridays!!

FitnessFridayRev3Fitness Friday:

This week I have been off schedule as it is Spring Break and my normal routine was shifted by being off 3 days this week. I was able to get my last easy pace run in before Cherry Blossom and I did a full body workout on Thursday and  I have stuck to the #rockyourcore ab and cardio exercises. My eating has been off and my water intake not where it should be especially in preparation for Sunday’s race. I am looking forward to getting back on track next week. I am such a creature of habit and I do not function well my my well made plans are disrupted.


Friday 5-5 Trips……I hope to take in my lifetime…..

1. Paris


I am not a romantic at all but there is something about Paris that screams ROMANCE!!! The lights, the food, the atmosphere….it all seems so dreamy.

2. Hawaii


I have been to the island but it was more for work than for pleasure and I would love to go back and vacation, relax, swim with the turtles and learn to surf.

3. Figi Islands-Bora Bora


I want to just stay in one of the villas on the water. I mean look at that picture!!  I can’t imagine having a care in the world! It would be so hard to come back from but I would cherish the memories forever!

4. South Africa

south africa

The history, the struggle, the pride, the movement! ‘Nuff said!

5. Australia


I am very interested in the Aborigines and their culture.

How are your fitness goals going for April?. Where do you want to travel?

33 thoughts on “Funday Friday-Fitness and Fives

  1. haleyduke17 says:

    I hate to admit this, but I watched an entire episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians once, simply because they were on a vacation on Bora Bora. It looks so breathtaking…. I’d love to stay in one of those villas with the glass bottom floors. How neat are those?

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  2. alsoranagain says:

    This is a great list! My husband went to South Africa for work and he loved it. He still raves about it well over 10 years later. I hope I have the opportunity to visit it one day.

    Good luck at Cherry Blossom this weekend!

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  3. runninrocker says:

    Good job staying on track with the core challenge! I definitely need to work in that area.

    Have a super wonderful race weekend!!

    I too would totally love to stay in one of those Fiji huts! They look so wonderful!

    Happy race weekend to you!

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  4. runninrocker says:

    My fitness goals feel off today because I ate too much junk yesterday! I will try to put in lots of miles tomorrow.

    Enjoy your race this weekend!! Good job staying on track with the workouts and core challenge. I need more core work!

    I too would love to stay in one of those Fiji huts!! They just look so wonderful!


  5. d20girl says:

    All awesome places I want to go, although I am a bit afraid of Australia because of watching too many Discovery Channel shows on 10 deadliest…snakes, spiders, jellyfish, creatures which all seem to be topped by things living in Australia! Bora Bora though…I could do that for sure!

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  6. Alanna says:

    All of these sound awesome! My mom has been dying to go to Hawaii forever and I really hope that she is able to go one day. I wouldn’t mind tagging along either.

    I’m not a romantic either but there is just something about Paris! That’s why I really didn’t want to bring our daughter along on our trip in June, plus I think my husband and I could really use a break to spend some time reconnecting. It’s easy to neglect your marriage when you have little ones running around, as I’m sure you know!

    Good luck on Sunday!! 🙂

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  7. Pam says:

    I love your list and have enjoyed several of the places on it. We stayed in an over water bungalow in Moorea, French Polynesia several years ago and absolutely loved it. It is a magical experience.

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