Soleful Saturday #5-Rest/Recovery

It’s Saturday so that means it’s another addition of Soleful Saturdays here on my blog.


Today’s Theme: Rest/Recovery

I am not a Dr or health professional nor do I play one on TV-lol! Any ‘advice’ given on this post or any post on my blog are purely through experience or noted from referenced references.

Last Sunday, I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (race recap here) and I have been resting this week.  I initially thought I would rest for 2 or so days but my body has told me that it needed more time.  I usually don’t listen to well to my body but I have become better at listening to it.

Since becoming a racing runner, I have learned few tidbits about my rest/recovery.  Thanks Matt Fitzgerald!

 I have learned that:

-muscles, tendons, ligaments, and almost every physiological system is challenged when running.

-I need to listen to my body. If it says it could use another day off, take another day.

-not taking enough time to fully recover after racing will often lead to overtraining  and injuries.

-not resting for 4-7 days will have little negative impact on my current fitness and that my long term gains will surely outweigh any temporary reduction.

-I should get a massage after my races. I haven’t but I know I should.

-highest priorities in terms of recovery should be initiating muscle repair, restocking muscle glycogen stores, and rehydrating. I have read this as phase one of post-race recovery, with phase two of post-race recovery-where the emphasis is on the return to training.

-cross-training is a great way to maintain fitness without slowing the recovery process in the first few days after racing.

Do you have rest/recovery rituals? What have you learned about rest/recovery? Do you take run breaks after races?

2 thoughts on “Soleful Saturday #5-Rest/Recovery

  1. ishouldrun says:

    I love Matt Fitzgerald’s stuff too! I bought all his racing weight books and I’ve been incorporating them for a while now. I wish I fully incorporated them though. I guess I’m not one to ask about after-racing because I used to take a TON of time off after racing. Maybe weeks or a month. But then I read someone else’s blog where she says she was doing a few minor runs the week after her marathon and I freaked out. I didn’t know we were supposed to be running so soon after! But I still think everyone should listen to their bodies.


    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      I hear ya!

      I need to look into his books.

      Listening to my body has been hard but I have had to do better. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee and the pain is unbearable after. Racing so all I can ddo is listen and relax!

      Going for a walk this morning-first real workout since last Sunday.


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