Soleful Saturday-Ben’s Run Race Re-Cap


Saturday…..Saturday-Another edition of Soleful Saturday here on my blog.

If this is your first time reading a Soleful Saturday post, these posts are all run related and vary in topic based on what is in my head that day.

Today I will be re-capping Ben’s Run that I ran today with my family.

race day recap

Today me, my husband, my son and my daughter ran our first race together as a family. Today we ran Ben’s Run [This race honors Ben’s amazing spirit, and helps the many other children who battle life-threatening illnesses every day.  To read more about Ben’s inspirational story, click here. ]

My daughter and mom were registered to run/walk to 1 miler, my husband and son were registered to run the 5k and I was registered to run the 5 miler.



Packet pick up was at Stonegate Elementary school.  It was a very low key pack up which also had a silent auction to support the school’s PTA.  The kids were excited and happy to get their bibs and extras.


We stayed at my homes house which was right down the street from the school.  The plan was for this to give us more time to sleep and to wake up and get ready with less stress.

I woke up way to early….about 6am (the race didn’t start until 8:30am). I forgot to bring my sleep mask to block out the morning light :(. My plan was to get up at 7ish and wake the kids up around 7:15.  The kids actually got up on their own at 6:50ish.  I gave them a few miniutes to play and then we got ready.

The temperatures were in the low 40s and cloudy and windy so we had to bundle up a bit but I knew once we started running we would warm up.

I had to rethink my run outfit as I would still need cold gear instead of the cute tank and capri I had planned to wear. Don’t get me wrong, I was still cute…..just a little bundled up… is Spring right? WTF!!!

I rocked my Nike Thermal outfit..check out those tights….aren’t they HOT!!!


We were out the door by 8:20 or so and warmed up with a jog to the school. There had been a semi-pep rally that I would have totally been there to watch had it been a bit warmer…..hopefully next year. There were over 900 registratns for the race.


All the races (1 miler, 5k and 5 miler) all started at the same time.  This would have been great but since my mom didn’t feel well this morning, she was unable to take my daughter to the 1 miler, so I went with her and had to loop back to start my race.

Here she is all smiles and running as fast as her little legs could take her!


She was up for it for about………. a little over 1/4 mile and then she was DONE!!!

The  mileage over .25 is me walking her to the start/finish line so I could get my bib synced to start my race.

IMG_20150425_220904 (1)

Bless her heart…at this time she is NOT following in her mama’s footsteps! She is not into that runner’s life-she will stick to gymnastics!

I dropped her to my mom’s (thankfully it was on the race route) and then I started my race (about 20 minutes after start time).

I couldn’t get my music together and on top of starting late, I was feeling really frustrated and almost decided not to run.  I talked myself out of pouting and whinning and got by a$$ going.  The front runners of the 5 miler were right behind me and so at that time,  I decided I would be too far behind them to do the 5 miler, so I dropped down to the 5k.

Once I settled my mind and spirit, I was able to focus on my running, my form and enjoying the race.  The crowd support was minimal but I think that was due to the chilly temperatures.  Since I was so far behind, I am glad the course was well marked with cones and arrows-I would have surely gotten lost!

Mile 1-10:22-

I was settling into the run, I had decided I would run the 5k and be fine with that (it took A LOT of talking to myself to get to that point!) and was getting into a rhythm.  The first mile had rolling hills-some up and some down.

Mile 2-9:05

I don’t know what I was thinking about and how I was running this fast.  Some of this was down hill so I credit the downhills for most of this speed.

Here is where I caught up to the 5k walkers and was able to get to the middle of the pack of the 5k walkers


Mile 3-9:16

Again, I don’t know how I was running this pace but I will take it!  There was some uphills in this mile as well.

Mile .1-9:12

The finish line was near and I was getting excited to see my son and to hear about his race.

Ben’s Run 5k- 3.3 miles (that extra mileage is from my daughter and yes I am keeping them!) 31.31- avg pace 9:32

IMG_20150425_220836 (1)

My  son’s race results

IMG_20150425_094908& my husband IMG_20150425_094925

My husband said they ran the 1st half but then my son got tired and they ended up resting and walking the 2nd half.  Not bad at all for their 1st race.

When we talked about it later, my son decided that he would do the 1 miler next year. Hopefully my mom or their aunt will be available to run with them next year.

After the race, they had the usual bananas, sliced oranges (I really prefer this over bananas), protein bars and bagels.

Ben’s Run supports childhood cancer and at the end of the race they had a bone marrow donation table. My aunt’s life was saved due to a bone marrow donation so to me this was a no brainer.  It took longer to fill out the form than it did to swab my mouth. 4 swabs and I was done.  Now a days 80% of bone marrow donations can be done through a blood draw. I HATE needles but again if I can save a life….I can suck it up and get some blood drawn.

So from today until I am 60, I am a proud member of the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation.  I hope to be called one day!


Overall it was a great race day for a great cause!

picmix-45.859 (1)

This will be a yearly race for me each Spring!

You can make a donation to Ben’s Run by visiting their website.

Find out about blood marrow donation by visiting Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation.

I hope you have had a Soleful Saturday!

Did you have a race or run this weekend? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    So fun! I love getting my boys out there. My oldest has done a few small runs with me and loves it. Super jealous that you have to actually WAKE your kids up. Mine are my alarm clock at 5:30am 😦

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