Wow-Wild Workout Wednesday-Why I choose to be fit and healthy….

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Someone asked me the other day ‘why do you workout?’ ‘  actually it was more in a questioning/hating manner like ‘why do YOU workout?’ They proceeded to tell me, ‘you are already small and if you keep working out so much you are going to be nothing but skin and bones.’

Me: #blankstare #byefelicia

What the F#$#!

I am still rather peeved about it and although I refused to justify them with in answer (I just walked off), it did get me thinking about why I do work out? and so that is my theme for this Wow/Wild Workout Wednesday.


Vanity reasons would have me answer:

-I want to look HOT in and out of my clothes.

-I want to be one of those moms that people say ‘THAT’S YOUR MOM?!?!’  Not on the MILF level but surely the 


-I want to be one of those wives that men say/think to themselves ‘damn he is lucky!’

In all seriousness (there is truth in the above though statements) but really

I choose to be fit and healthy

1. Being unfit and unhealthy is not an option!

No explanation needed there-right?

2. To stay healthy.  

Both diabetes and heart disease runs in my family.  Thankfully, at this time, my heart is a picture perfect heart.  When I went to the cardiologist, I signed a release for him to use my EKG and Cardiac EKG results in his lectures to show what a well functioning heart looks like.  I have to say, it I had gone to the cardiologist 3 years ago, the picture may have been a quite bit different.

2. To set a good example.

Setting a good example for those who are important to me especially my children.  My father was (and still is) very active growing up and expected the same of his children.  To this day, he walks daily and is one of the healthiest men that I know. At 71, all of his test come back reading as if he were 31 or younger.  He eats what he wants (in moderation) and stays active.  He set the example for me and I am hoping to do the same for my children.  I want them to know that being fit and healthy is a choice and a choice that they can make and feel good about.  I love that they are active children.  My son plays soccer and my daughter in gymnastics.  They love to play, run, jump, skip, hop and be active. I love hearing them say ‘mom is this healthy?’ ‘is this enough protein?’ ‘yes please I would like some vegetables/fruit?’  They watch me work out, encourage me when I am struggling and cheer me on in my races.

  • 3. Makes me feel good!

Every morning when the alarm goes off at 5:30, I struggle to get up. I hit the snooze and then drag myself out of the bed.  I really don’t feel like working out but I know once I do I will feel amazing!  You know what….without fail….. I feel amazing after my workouts. Both running and weight training give me a high and a sense of accomplishment.  Who wouldn’t want to start their day like that?

  • 4. Makes me alert and ready to face the day!

I am a morning exerciser and so getting the blood pumping gets the brain functioning and ready to work. My food choices of generally protein, carbs and veggies gives me the nutrients I need to start the day and sustains me through out the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some cake, gummy bears, and anything with caramel and chocolate! but in moderation not excess and gluttony.

  • 5. Builds my confidence (let me girlfriend tell it and she would say I don’t need any help with this-lol!)

Since beginning to be fit and healthy on a regular basis, my clothes choices are much more form fitting and body flattering.  3 years ago, you would have NEVER (never ever) caught me in leggings without a skirt covering them, a short skirt without leggings under them, a tank top without a jacket or shirt covering it or anything that shows or accentuates my butt.  Now!…..child please!!!…there isn’t a tank, a legging, a short and tight skirt I don’t like.

  • 6. To keep up with the young girls on the football field.

I am not as young as I use to be and I have found that my weight loss and body fat loss, has allowed me to run with (literally) girls who are twice as young as me (like I could be their mama!).

  • 7. Improves quality of life.

Being fit and healthy has made me a better person.  I am less stressed, more able to sleep (most nights), more friendly and overall in a better place.  I am not saying that one can’t be those things without being fit and healthy but I know for me it has made a difference.

I could actually go on and on about this but I think I will stop here.

Why do you chohhose to be fit and healthy?

why do you workout

17 thoughts on “Wow-Wild Workout Wednesday-Why I choose to be fit and healthy….

  1. ishouldrun says:

    I love your example of your father. That’s so great he’s still so healthy! And of course we have to be healthy for our kids, like you said. It’s funny how 10 years ago I would have said I run so that I don’t get fat or so I looked good but now it is absolutely about health and longevity! Good for you for sticking to it! It will pay off in the end for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cassi9879b says:

    Great reasons both vanity and serious! I originally chose to workout 6 weeks into my journey because it just felt right at the time to start. My current reason for working out is I want to look and feel like my own personal definition of a fit woman (which resembles the pinups of the 40s/50s).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    YES YES YES!! I can’t believe someone would say that? Working out is far from skin and bones! Yikes! All wonderful reasons and ALL the reasons that I workout as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dee Bomb says:

    And…i will drag myself up and out since I see you’ve already started your run for the day…by the way, your choices have helped motivate your baby sister too…

    Liked by 1 person

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