May goal check-in….

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Well  we are a little past the half way point of the month so I thought I would check in on my goals and see how I am doing and make adjustments as needed.  I find that I tend to be a bit hard on myself when I wait until the end of the month to review my goals and doing a mid-month check-in gives me a better perspective and the ability to adjust as needed.

My May goals are:

-Continue training for Zooma  while reducing running from 3 times a week each week to running 2 times and 3 times alternating weeks.

Mission being accomplished.  I have found that my knee is less sore and stiff and responding well to the reduced running and increased weight training and HITT.

-Begin lubrication injections in my knee to reduce arthritis discomforts.

Mission being accomplished.  Today was injection #3. The 1st injection wasn’t so bad but the last two have been quite painful. It took everything in my power not to knock the S### out of the Dr.!!!! Next week will be injection 4 and I will also be getting cortisone to assist with my half on May 30th.

-Weight training days at a minimum to 2 days a week.

Mission semi-accomplished.  I have completed mostly lower body workouts with a few push up and ab circuits here and there.  Weight training still has not made it consistency on the weekly schedule….a continued work in progress…sigh!

– Rock Your Core Challenge #rockyourcore

Mission Failed….I don’t know why I can’t get with the core workouts….sigh!

-Eliminate processed food and carbs

Mission semi-accomplished. I have not eaten any junk food but I have had bread a few times this month.

-Drink 2.5 gallons of water a week.

Mission semi-accomplished.  I drank 2.5 gallons on week 1 and 2.5 gallons in 1 1/2 of week 2.  I have my 2.5 gallon at the office this week 🙂

-Look into a yoga studio in the area.

Mission accomplished.  I found a studio AND attended my 1st class 2 Fridays ago.  It was challenging but totally awesome!!! The instructor didn’t believe me when I told her I had not done yoga before-she said I looked fluid and comfortable ;). The class is $5 and at lunch time-perfect! I had to cancel last week because I forgot my change of clothes and my mat (#epicfail) but I am scheduled for this Friday at lunch.     I am going to transition to the heated next month in the mornings on Fridays-we will see how that goes.

Overall-I think I am doing well in my May goals. 🙂 Glad I did a check-in!


I will cross out the rockyourcore from the goals and look to add some core work to my workouts.

Stick to my training workout INCLUDING weight training!

How are you doing with your May goals? Any adjustments that you need to make?

14 thoughts on “May goal check-in….

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      The actual injections have not helped as i had hoped :(. I think because I have reduced my running is the reason that my knee is less sore. I am optimistic that after the 5th injection…I will start to feel more comfort from the shots….fingers crossed!


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