5 things I am loving-Birthday Edition


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Linking up with  Mary Beth,KendraMisha,Amanda,Laura and Jessica for the Friday I am in Love series.

My husband’s 40th Birthday was yesterday and so I thought I would share with you 5 things I am loving about him today.

To be honest if I had to do this last week this would have been really hard as we were having a tough week together last week. Thank goodness for a new week and another week to get things right and back on track.

1. He is the father of my children.
If you have visited my blog before, you have seen how much I talk about and love my children. Without my husband I would not have them and we would not be a family and for that I love him!


2. He is a great dad. As a mom, I feel that sometimes I am too concerned with the stresses of parenting and put a bit too much pressure to be the ‘perfect parent’. My husband on the other hand just goes with the flow and the kids love that about him. The running joke is that daddy is the big toy of the house. Everyone needs one of those in their lives-right?


3. He allows me to be obsessed with my hobbies of working out and running. Early morning runs, long runs, races and racecations. He would rather spend the time with me but he kindly let’s it be ‘my thing’ and joins me to support when he is able to.


4. He is an awesome coach! Our world’s collide in that he is also the coach of my women’s contact flag football team. He has coached us from being last in the league to multiple championships including 3 National Titles!!  This season we are dominating again and are 6-0 with no points scored against us!!


5. He loves me! What else is there to say :). I am not the easiest person to love and he does it unconditionally!


Happy Birthday Pookie!!  40 looks good on you!!

Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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