Thinking out loud….school is out!

It’s another Thursday edition of……


As always….thank you for allowing me to link-up with you, Amanda  @ Running with Spoons!

I so need this thinking out loud session today!!!

1. My son finished 1st grade on Monday!

He has had an amazing year!!!! He continues to be motivated as a learner and is so excited about 2nd grade! He only wished his teacher could go with him.  I was very hesitant about her at the beginning of the year as she was a new teacher to the school (not to teaching but to his school) and I wasn’t too sure about her at back to school night. She didn’t really impress me but let me tell you…she has been an AMAZING teacher for my son.  She was able to support him in a kind way but at the same time push him to try and do his best!

2. My son is out of school….

Camp doesn’t start for another week and that means he is with me at work all week.  In theory his should be ok-right? Give him some work, some books and a movie and he will sit quielty in the corner and let me work……NOT!!!! Love him to death but ‘boy sit you a@@ down and let me work!’ LOL!!! Needless to say, each work day has been a half day for me as we have struggled to be good office mates.

3. We went to the monuments on Wednesday

The kids did amazingly!!! In my mind I knew that there was some distance between the monuments but really didn’t know how far and how long it would take.  Well 3 hrs of walking, skipping, resting and snacking and we saw the White House, The Monument, the World War II Memorial, The Reflection Pool, The Lincoln Memorial and the Constitutional Gardens! It was an awesome day!


4. I had my first track workout yesterday

images (22)

I joined the Team Luna Chix DC for a track workout along with my girl Alanna and Cynthia (she is on Team Luna).

Brought back some good and bad memories of my track days but overall it was a great experience and I am excited to go back.  Combined we got 4 miles in on the track including a 2400 at your goal 5k pace (I am still trying to figure that out) and a 4X800 relay with a few warm up and cool down laps in between. I will be adding this to my workouts weekly on Wednesdays. Nice change up and looking forward to the benefits 🙂

5. I just agreed to do Ragnar DC in October



Yup-Alanna and I and some more lovely ladies will be running for Girls On The Run!  I am so excited! I have to raise quite a bit of money but I am confident that I can get it done! My girlfriend (my running /race voice of reason) is not happy with me at all. She is worried about my knee and how this will/could affect my half the following week. I know she is right but I really want to do it and hoping I can get the ‘easier’ legs.
I still need to tell my husband -lol! as I will be racing the 1st 3 weekends in October (Ragnar DC, RnR Brooklyn and Baltimore Running Festival)…any tips would be greatly appreciated!

5. Looking at my June goals

images (24)
Yeah about those….the only ones that I have done well are my fitness goals-all the others-not so much! It’s half way through so I have time to turn it around right?

6. Now that I am doing track work outs….
I need track shoes….right?!?! LOL…but I am serious!

download (22)

Ok that is it for week- I hope you are having a terrific week!

What’s on your mind these days?

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