It’s Friday 5s and Fitness Friday!

It’s Friday!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the father’s and dads!!

Friday link- ups today:

DC Trifecta of Cynthia, Mar and and Courtney for Friday Fives



Jill for Fitness Fridays!!


Fitness Friday:
In reviewing my June goals, I realized that the only goal that I have stuck with and maintained so far is working out and I am ok with that.
I have incorporated Jill’s HIIT workouts with a Zwow workout and am running only 2 days a week. The change up has been good and my body is responding well. My knee is really grateful for the less stress and pounding for sure.
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Zwow new and improved
Wednesday: Track workout and 3 hrs of DC monuments (lol!)
Thursday:Rest Day
Friday: Jill Conyers HIIT-3
Saturday: 5-6 miles
Sunday: Football

How are you doing with your fitness goals this month?

Friday 5s:5 things that make me happy

1. My dads/husband
I am fortunate to have 2 dads who have raised me, molded me and created the strong independent woman that I am! My birth father and my dad are strong and wonderful men. They love me unconditionally and support me in more ways than I can count. I don’t know where I would be without them!
My husband is a great dad! The kids love to play with him and often ask me ‘why aren’t you as much fun as daddy?’. I laugh everytime they ask me that. He is their big toy and teddy bear and I love watching them play together.

2. My kids
I know you all must be tired of me talking about them but I tell ya-these two keep me smiling and happy. All that I do, I do for them! Their smiles, laughter and joy get me  through every day!


3. My health
I am happy that I am healthy. My decision to live a healthier lifestyle initially was pure vanity (I wanted to look good on my girlfriend’s 40 bday trip to Belize.) but it haas turned into so much more. Being healthy will hopefully ensure a long life that I can share with my kids, my family and friends.

Turning on the radio and bopping my head to music makes my day. I am quite eclectic with my music listening and I love that I can turn to just about any radio station and know a few songs playing.

5. Food!
It’s a good thing that I workout and run! I LOVE to eat. I love all kinds of food and love to experiment as well. Me and food go waaaaaaaay back and we love eachother so much-lol!!

What makes you happy?

Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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15 thoughts on “It’s Friday 5s and Fitness Friday!

  1. Alanna says:

    Your kids are too cute! I love the hats! I too hope that being healthy helps to ensure a long life.

    I have a terrible love affair with food, specifically pastries. When I was pregnant at work during the summer, I would grab a handful of chocolate from the fridge to snack on. There is something so wonderful about cold chocolate in the summer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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