Soleful Saturday-Summer Running with no purpose!


This summer, I had decided to run with no purpose-just run to run. Seemed simple enough right. Well that actually lasted for about a week-lol! So 3 weeks into ‘summer’ running and I am switching to running with some kind of purpose. I will continue to only run 2 days a week however one of my runs will have an overall purpose of helping me to get and maintain a faster pace.

Last Wednesday, I did my first track workout and it kicked my a$$ but was perfectly what I needed! Track workouts are known to be most effective in overall speed improvement and development.

Each week at the track workout will equal a total of 4 miles. How we get to those 4 miles will differ and that is anxiety filled and exciting all at the same time. Last week included an 800 warm up, 2400 at an optimal 5k race pace followed by a 4X800 relay ending with an easy pace 800 cool down.

My overall goal for the track workouts will to improve my times.
Last week’s times were:
2400- 13:07
800- 3:27

I am really looking forward to adding track workouts to my running and looking forward to the overall improvement in my running from it.

Have you ever done track workouts? What has your experience been with them? What other workouts have you done that has improved your race pace/times?

Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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5 thoughts on “Soleful Saturday-Summer Running with no purpose!

  1. ishouldrun says:

    That’s great that you’re going to work on speed! It’s hard to not have a plan, isn’t it? If I don’t have a run plan, then my “plan” becomes staying inside and eating pizza. But I do like track workouts. I like that there is a start and a finish to a lap or distance. A lap appeals to me more than “Ok, now sprint all out for 45 seconds!” I obsess about my watch the whole time so I can’t really get into the sprint.

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  2. Alanna says:

    I love the track workouts! Everyone is so friendly. I feel really motivated to push myself and leave it all out there. I feel wonderfully exhausted afterward. I’ve been seeing improvements in my pace and feel confident that if I keep working hard I will see even more.

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