I am an independent woman!

Wednesday link up with Deb Runs for Wednesday Word. Deb states:

Wednesday Word, a weekly linkup for everyone, not just health and fitness bloggers. Each Wednesday you will have a single word prompt to write about.  Let your imagination run free and share with your readers your interpretation of that word, or simply use it as inspiration for your post. She’d love to have you link up, and if you do, please remember to follow her six simple rules.

For today’s post,  Wednesday Word is independent

[ ˌindəˈpendənt ]
free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority:
“the study is totally independent of central government”
synonyms: freethinking · free · More
an independent person or body.

I am an independent woman and proud of it!!

In my family we have 2 girls and 1 boy. My sister and I grew up together in one household while my brother grew up in another. With that my parents raised us to be women who could do it all! We cut the grass, raked the leaves, changed tires, cleared and fixed the garbage disposals, changed the light bulbs-you get the idea right? If it needed to get done it got taught to us and taught us how to do it.

Both my dads also taught us about financial security and planning (still a work in process for me but I have the foundation for sure!)

All that to say, I was raised to be an independent woman and have continued to be that way and never apologize for it!!

I can be honest and say that there are pros and cons of being an independent woman for me.


-I can do bad all myself! ‘Nuff said. Right?

Being an independent woman has causes significant stresses in my life:
-Being an independent woman often has me trying to figure -ish out by myself when I could ask for help. This would most times save me a lot of stress and strain. I have a hard time asking for help for sure.
-Being an independent woman makes it hard for me to wait for things to get done by others. The bulb in the foyer has blown out…no I am not going to wait for you to change it-i got it!
-Being an independent woman means I expect others to be able to do -ish on their own and have a hard time understanding those who can’t(no judgment at all here!)
-Being an independent woman many people think I am mean and uppidy and are soooo surprised when I am ‘actually such a nice person’ (said to me all the time).

I am a proud independent woman!!

How about you?

Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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