Rookie Soocer Mom-#badmommy

Hi my name is Tamieka and I am a Rookie Soccer Mom……..

So about yesterday…………..

Yesterday was my son’s 1st soccer practice.  He was invited to come to summer practices to see if he would be interested in joining a team for the fall. Quite exciting actually. Anywhoo….practice was at 5:30 pm and lasting until 7pm.  Let’s be clear, I have been to many of practices for myself with kids in tow and I always come prepared but for some reason when the tables turned and I was the spectator, I lost all memories of what was needed to be on the sidelines!

This picture TOTALLY captures the feelings and mood of last night’s practice!


Yeah-I totally get an F for this. I came to a 11/2 hour soccer practice with no snacks, no umbrella, no chair and no activities for my daughter.  What was I thinking? Clearly I was not!!!

Of course once I got home, I created a Sport Mom Checklist for myself so this wouldn’t happen again.


images (52)

1. Chair/Blanket

I use to have one of those folding chairs for my football games but I actually prefer to lay on a blanket but I can see how the chair can be just as handy now.

2. Cooler/Ice Pack

Nothing like having a cold drink or snack on the sidelines. The ice packs will come in handy too in case there are any injuries.

3. Snack

Snacks for the kids and for me as well. Nothing to ruin the appetite for dinner but something that will curve the hunger or as my dad says when you feel a bit ‘peckish’.

4. Hydration

My son has a water bottle in is soccer bag but I realized last night that that will not be enough. He went through his water within the 1st hr.  Hydration is so important for him and for us on the sidelines as well

5. Umbrella

Yesterday there were grey and black clouds that produces mini showers-enough to get you wet. Since soccer players are hard core, a little bit of rain won’t stop the show.  An umbrella would have been helpful. We didn’t get soaked of anything but note to self…pack an umbrella!

6. Bug spray

So rain, humidity and heat brings out the bugs!!!! I think I burned a few calories yesterday swatting at gnats.  My daughter was so fed up with them for sure.

7.  Sun Screen/Visor/Sun Glasses

Since it is summer, the days are longer and the sun out longer as well.  At 5:30 pm, I totally forgot that the sun still shines-haha!.  Even with the clouds those UV rays still get through. Yes the sun is still out at 5:30 and to not be the mom on the sidelines sqinting or having my hands up by my eyes, I will remember the visor and sun glasses!

8. Activities for my daughter 

My daughter was not happy with me last night. She enjoyed watching her brother play but got bored pretty quickly since she was not playing with him.  She was totally bored about 30 minutes into practice and playing with my phone was not what she wanted to do at all!!! Activity bag will be created over the weekend!

9. First Aid kit

Thankfully there were no injuries yesterday but I am sure there will be a time when the 1st aid kit will be needed.

10. Patience

It was hard to watch my son last night at practice.  I know that he is more capable than he presented last night and it was really hard to not fuss at him during the practice or to help him when he was getting frustrated and shutting down.  I will need to work on biting my tongue and being more patient as he continues to learn and be coached.  I don’t wan’t to be one of those soccer moms so I will need to sit back,relax, observe and namaste!

Any other rookie soccer (sport) moms? Are you a soccer (sport) mom? What are you essentials?

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