Bon Appétit™ Pizza Review

Last week, I was pressed for time as I was packing and getting us ready for our road trip to Atlanta. I was thinking about dinner and of something that would be quick and easy and not take away to much time from my travel prep. That’s when I remembered with BzzAgent, I had received a coupon for a free Bon Appétit™ Pizza in exchange for my honest review and unbiased opinion. PERFECT!!


I went online to see what flavors they had and the kiddies decided on the Trio Bacon and I the Rosted Vegetable. I would use the Free Coupon for 1 and the $1.00 coupon for the other. SWEET!

So off to Safeway we went. Sadly Safeway did not sell Bon Appétit Pizza. BUMMER. I went to the website to see what stores sell them and actually found no stores close to me listed on the website DOUBLE BUMMER! There goes the idea of quick and easy meal (this is why I cook!). Anywhoo, N looking at the listed stores, I took a chance on the Giant close to the house. Thankfully, they did have Bon Appétit Pizza but unfortunately, they did not have the Trio Bacon that the kids were wanting. So we picked up the Roasted Veggie and the Mozzarella Pesto. I had some bacon and ham at home so I decided I would improvise and create a bacon pizza of our own. They were actually on sale that day so I got 1 free and one for less than $2.00 YES!!

Let me say that I am not a fan of boxed, frozen pizzas however, I was willing to give Bon Appétit Pizza to see if this would be the frozen boxed pizza to change my attitude/feelings towards frozen, boxed pizzas.

The pizzas were the usual frozen pizza size (I guess)



*do you see my ham and bacon bits-lol!

They actually looked pretty appetizing to me which I was surprised about. Ok so impressing me a bit here.

The directions gave a time range for cooking and I think I over cooked the bacon pizza-oops!


The roasted vegetable came out perfectly (totally a coincidence that this was my pizza-lol! )


I don’t have a pizza cutter (note to self-get one!) so I used a knife to cut it (which did ok).

The kids really enjoyed the pizza and ended up eating the entire pizza (2 1/2 slices each!). They usually nibble and graze and barely finish their food!

For a frozen pizza, I have to say it was rather tasty. The thin crust was crunchy (just they way I like it) and the flavors and seasoning quite good.

I would pick this up again on one of those days when I need a quick meal. I still have one coupon left you use!

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Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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11 thoughts on “Bon Appétit™ Pizza Review

  1. tutuskippy says:

    The hubby and I like to try a boxed pizza from time to time – of course I always add some fresh herbs from the garden & anything else I may find . We have not tried this brand so I will look for it next time !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alanna says:

    Frozen pizzas are certainly a quick and easy meal! These sound yummy. I’ve found Wegman’s has some good frozen pizzas as well. They are usually my go-to meal the night before a race. That may be a little odd, but I stick with what works.

    Liked by 1 person

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