Thinking out loud….Still on a winning high!


It has been almost a month since I have joined The Thursday Thinking out Loud link-up! Where has the time gone!!!

When I last shared, I talked to you all about my husband’s snoring.  I am glad to report that things have slightly improved.  My husband works at a pharmaceutical company and one of the pharmacist recommended a mouth guard for him to wear.  Although it is quite uncomfortable for him, he has been wearing it and it has made all the difference.  He does end up taking it out during the middle of the night due to the discomfort but for those few hours, I can get some sleep.  He is still considering going to the dr which I hope he does so we can get a comfortable permanent solution.  I will keep you all posted!

Here is what’s on my mind right now…….

This past weekend I participated in the Fallen Warriors Flag Football Tournament in Atlanta GA.  As football is a family affair, (I am a player and team manager, my husband the coach and out kids the best cheerleaders and water staff) we climbed into the car and made the loooooooooooooooooooong drive down south.

My husband decided that we would drive through the night to avoid traffic.  I was not happy with this but it ended up being the best idea! Even though I was dog tired, we ran into to NO traffic AT ALL!! If anyone has driven up or down 95, you know the excitement of this.  We made it to his uncle’s house (about 40 miles outside of Atlanta) in 8 1/2 hrs. Not bad at all.  The hubby was hitting some speeds that I would rather not see again but we made it safely. A good rest, so family time and later in the afternoon, we heading into Atlanta proper to pick up player and have a team meeting.

We left the meeting hyped and prepared to get the job done in ATL!!!  Let me tell you what we were not ready for……THAT HOTLANTA HEAT! LAWD HAVE MERCY….the temps were in the high 90s with the heat index in the 100s.  No one with sencse would have been out in that heat but we had work to do-right!!!

The catch phrase for the weekend was HYDRATE OR DIE!!!!  I can laugh about this now, but I tell you that -ish was no joke!!!

In 2 days we played 6 games of football. Finished 6-0 and are the 2015 Fallen Warrior Flag Football Champions!



If you have a women’s contact flag football league in your city, I would recommend you checking them out.  We may be girls but we hit hard and handle business!!! If you are in the DMV area, you should totally come out and check me and my team out 🙂

Here are some thoughts that I have about my team and why I love them!

 I love my team!

FW 2015

I have been playing with this team for almost 15 years and they never cease to amaze me. We have been at the bottom, at the top, and in the middle and during it all we stay humbled, focused and supportive of each other.

We trust and believe in each other.  In the championship game, it was 4th down and more than 50 yards needed for a touchdown (we had to score or we would lose-NOT AN OPTION!!!)  Although we were nervous, we had no doubt that we wouldn’t get the touchdown…..absolutely no doubt! 2.4 secs and we got the touchdown!!

It’s not just about winning for our team. Of course we all want to win but at the end of it, we take each game (win or lose) as a learning experience and building block. Every game we learn something that we can use or discard for the next game and each game makes us that much better.

We are in this for the long haul! We have a core of ladies that have been on the team for as long as I have and we are Lady All Met 4 Life! Many of our players have been on our team for over 5 years! There is no other team that I can see myself being on! We are know to have quite a mafia mentality (no offense to anyone) and you are either with us or you not! If you were with us and you left… better watch out! If you are not with us-you better watch out!   Our league has brought on so many teams over the past 15 years and to be a member of 1 of the 3 teams that has been in the league the entire time is quite amazing! WE BLEED BLUE!

We are more that a team but a family! On and off the field, we support each other how ever we can. The LAM family is fierce! We ride or die for each other!

Thanks for letting me share with you a few thoughts today!

Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud!


7 thoughts on “Thinking out loud….Still on a winning high!

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I’m totally with you on the husband snoring thing. My hubby actually just had surgery in June to help and it worked wonders. I’ve been begging him for 10 years and he finally gave in. He is now sleeping better too and so am I! SCORE!! We did the overnight drive also, and it totally is awesome and sucks at the same time. Especially when your kids sleep all night and are rearing to go when you get home and all you want to do is go to sleep. But definitely worth the lack of traffic! Congrats again on your football win!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Yeah-the snoring is so frustrating! He will be away this weekend and I am so looking forward to a quite sleep! lol!

      Yeah the night drive was cool. We actually got in about 4 am and the kids actually slept until about 8.

      Thanks-still on a winning high 🙂


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