Consistently Inconsistent!


For someone who is a planner and does well within and with structure, I have come to realize and have to own up to the fact that for the past month of so, I have consistently been consistently inconsistent!! Case in point….I started this post 8 days ago!!!!

This is really hard for me and I am feeling all kinds of out of sorts because of this. In review of my day-to-day schedule, my workout schedule and my blogging schedule, none of these have shown any consistency.

My day to day schedule:

During the school year, I am religious at getting to bed on time, getting up then the alarm goes off, getting up, working out, getting the kids breakfast and lunches ready, getting the kids and myself ready and heading out the door for school.

The luxury of later starts in the summer has TOTALLY messed up my schedule and I can’t seem to break out of it!  Instead of lights out at 10, I am up watching Netflix. Instead of getting up when the alarm goes off, I am hitting snooze more than 2 times. By hitting snooze, I then have less time to workout and most times forgoing it all together. The kid’s breakfast/lunch and dressing routine is still there-otherwise they would starve and be naked-lol, however, our time for leaving the house gets later and later everyday!

My workout schedule:

At the beginning of the summer, I planned to reduce my running to 2 days a week and doing 3-4 HIIT workouts a week. I thought this would be a good switch up from the half marathon and weight training schedule through the winter and spring. I started out strong and consistent and then something happened……I actually don’t know what but I have consistently been inconsistent.  On average since the middle of June, I have run maybe 5 or 6 times and have completed less than 10 HIIT workouts.  I do have to say, when I have worked out, I have done well and given 100% but the scheduling….not so much!

My blogging schedule:

This summer, I had actually decided to step back from the ‘stress’ of blogging.  When I say stress, I had to reflect on why I started blogging and what I wanted to get out of this.  At this time, blogging for me is a virtual diary.  I love sharing my thoughts with others, getting ideas and motivation from others and having an overall sense of community.  I was starting to feel ‘stressed’ to be like other bloggers, ‘stressed’ to post everyday, ‘stressed’ over my stats (views, visitors, etc.) and it was making blogging less fun and therapeutic for me.  With that my blogging became consistently inconsistent with many days in between post and ideas and many drafts but less published posts.  I am going to continue to use the summer to figure out what I want out of my blogging at this time and hopefully that will help me be a bit more consistent.

As the month of August is right upon us, I hope to get back to being consistent in all aspects of my life.  I am starting today by getting back into yoga-I have a class at 12 and I have scheduled my classes for the month of August.  This month will also begin my 1st Fall half marathon training and I am sure that will help me get back on a consistent schedule and feeling a bit more together.

I have to admit that although being inconsistent drives me a bit batty, I have enjoyed the looseness and the flexibility and the ability to slow down just a bit.

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Have you ever been consistently inconsistent? How does that make you feel? How did you get back on track?

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Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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18 thoughts on “Consistently Inconsistent!

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Oh girl, you are so not alone! The same thing has happened to me. The blogging thing waxes and wanes for me too. I feel super inspired for a while and then I hit a low and feel like I have nothing to talk about. That’s when I know a short break is in order!

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  2. Alanna says:

    I know what you mean. When I first started my blog I wanted to post several days a week, but I just don’t have the time. I didn’t want it to become a huge chore which I knew it would if I even tried to blog daily. Quite honestly, I just don’t have that much interesting to say either. I feel like 2 days per week works for me. Occasionally I might toss in a 3rd day if I’m feeling it or have something wonderful to share. I’m okay with that. If you have the time and motivation to blog everyday then by all means, but I’m going to do what works for me. Unless one day this blog is going to make me independently wealthy, then maybe I will blog everyday. 🙂

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  3. jillconyers says:

    You’re not alone Tamieka. We’ve all been there! For me it’s usually my body’s way of telling me I need a break and usually the inconsistency doesn’t last very long.

    Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic weekend!

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  4. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Blogging is time consuming. I don’t work, I don’t have kids, & it’s still time consuming!

    You’re right, you’ve got to ask yourself why you blog & not worry about why other people blog. Blogs really only work if they come from a place of authenticity.

    I tend to be super consistent when it comes to exercise. Wanting to run a half in every state just keeps me ticking along toward my goal. I do try to take an off season, though, where I don’t run as often or as hard. Too much of anything ain’t good!

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  5. Melanie @ Runnergirlinarockingworld says:

    Oh yes!! I totally understand where you are coming from. I had high hopes I’d be heading to the gym daily to try out new classes this summer. Hasn’t happened yet. lol I find that I can dedicate one or two days for blogging and I pre-schedule a lot of my posts vs blogging daily. If I tried that I’d never get it done. I feel more consistent when I’m back to working but I have less time. Weird how that happens.

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