#Sweatingpink with Grokker

This summer, I decided to reduce my running to 2 days a week and to incorporate at least 3 HIIT workouts into my weekly routines.  So far things are going well (when I actually workout….more on that here…). I have been using Zwow workouts and HIIT workouts by Jill.  The workouts have been great and have helped me to get a good sweat and heat beating workout in at home.  Working out at home can get to be a bit boring and monotonous and I am always looking for ways to mix it up and stay motivated!

This week Fit Approach and the Sweat Pink community introduced me to a whole new online fitness website and now I can add these to the workout routine and continue to add to the #millionminutes movement!

I did my first workout this morning…a 35 min full body step workout-It was great!!!


This week’s #sweatpink Mad-lib

I’m so excited to rack up more minutes using video workouts from Grokker! There’s everything from streching[workout type] to sport specific [workout type] for everyone from beginners to advanced, and I’m especially pumped to try the over 1000 HIIT workouts because it will make me extra pumped![adjective]

I plan to do my video workout in my family room [place] before the kids and huby get up[activity] and after my morning meditation[activity]. My favorite thing about video workouts is the variety[noun], and they’re a super convenient way to get sweaty when I workout[verb].

My goal is to hit 60 [number] minutes this week!. I’ll did a 35 minute one today of my more intense workout days, and a 25 minute yoga,  on a rest or lower intensity day.  I challenge Sabrina, Dee-Dee, Dori, Jackie and Evie[workout buddy name] to do yoga [activity / video name] with me!

Have you used Grokker before? Any other online workout websites?


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