Soleful Saturday- I’ve been tagged….running survey

Alanna tagged me in this pretty cool survey yesterday and I am super excited to answer these questions (thanks for the tag Alanna!). It's always nice to see how other people answer these kinds of things. I thought her answers were pretty cool-check out her answers here. 1. Would you rather run along a beach path … Continue reading Soleful Saturday- I’ve been tagged….running survey

Do you #Bulu?

It seems like every day I see a new monthly subscription box being advertised, shared and/or promoted. I have always been interested in how these actually work and usually stalk visit. websites/twitter/instagram/facebook to see what people have gotten each month. On my current budget, I can't actually afford a monthly subscription to anything so when … Continue reading Do you #Bulu?

Am I being too ambitious…DAMN RIGHT!!!!

Ever since getting the news from my Rheumatologist, I have tried to have a positive attitude and have tried to think about how to adjust my race schedule and training to accomplish the already ambitious race schedule for October.  When I 1st contemplated my October races back in the Spring, I had thought then that I was being ambitious and … Continue reading Am I being too ambitious…DAMN RIGHT!!!!

I got my #Freekeh On! and so can you!!

Have you ever heard of Freekeh Foods? I know I hadn't but when I saw the opportunity from Fit Approach to apply for an opportunity to review the product, I jumped on it!! I love food and love to try new foods to add to my recipes! Here is what Freekeh says about the product: … Continue reading I got my #Freekeh On! and so can you!!

Soleful Saturday-2015 will be the last year of the half!

I am getting to a better place and acceptance to be able to talk and share about my visit with the rheumotologist . A little back history: I have had knee pain in my right knee for sometime now. Actually ever since my ACL surgery over 10 years ago, my knee has really never been … Continue reading Soleful Saturday-2015 will be the last year of the half!

Fitness Friday…..I am a Yogi and Loving it!!

Inhale……exhale……inhale….exhale…..allow your self to focus on yourself….listen to and feel your breathing…….EXHALE AND RELEASE WHAT IS NOT SERVING YOU..... Since May, I have been taking Yoga once a week and I am LOVING IT!!!! I would love to take it more than once a week but right now that is all that my schedule and … Continue reading Fitness Friday…..I am a Yogi and Loving it!!

I am choosing to FOCUS on the positive!

Here we are again with another Wednesday edition of Wednesday Word with Deb Runs.  Remember last week when I told you that Deb’s Wednesday word prompt always seems to mirror my life some how, well today’s word, FOCUS is no exception. fo·cus -the center of interest or activity. -the state or quality of having or … Continue reading I am choosing to FOCUS on the positive!

Where has the motivation gone?!?!

So here we are more than 1/2 way through August and I can count on 1 hand maybe 1/2 hands how many times I have worked out. I really don't know what is going on!! Every week, I say to myself 'OK Tamieka.-here we go! A new week, let's get it!! ' and then the … Continue reading Where has the motivation gone?!?!

Something New Review-Cloud Yoga Mat

Disclaimer:I got this product through a company on Tomoson at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All the opinions are my own and this is an honest review of the product.  Today's item review: The Cloud Yoga Mat by Peak Fulfillment, LLC One of my summer goals is to be more consistent at going to yoga.  In the Spring, I … Continue reading Something New Review-Cloud Yoga Mat

#sweatpink Mad lib PrAna style

Have I shared with you all how much I am loving being a part of the #sweatpink Fit Approach fit family!!  Not only is the support AMAZING but the benefits are pretty dang on great too!! I have been a Sweat Pink Ambassador for a few months and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I love … Continue reading #sweatpink Mad lib PrAna style