Celebrating my #1 Supporter-Happy Birthday Bri!

Today is my girlfriend’s birthday!


This girl right here…… this is my ride or die fitness girlfriend!

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Three and a half years ago, it was because of her 40th birthday trip to Belize that I made the decision to get right with my health, my fitness and my body.  Selfishly, I wanted to look hot on the beach in Belize and knew that although I could fit in a bathing suit and by most people’s account ‘look fine’, I knew what I wanted to look like in a bathing suit and so the journey to Bikini Ready by Belize began.

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Anywhoo-3 1/2 years later and we are still on the journey together.

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We each will find something that we think will support each other’s goals and together we go all in and support each other.  We are built quite differently- in terms of body builds she would be considered and Endo and me a Meso.  With that our progress towards our goals has varied but in the end we are all in for the process and each other!

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In the past 3 1/2 years we have done (to name a few…):

– My Fitness Pal and calorie counting

-Body For Life


-Whole 30

-Carb Cycling

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For the past year the one thing that has remained consistent and most helpful to each of us is grilling our food weekly.  Every Saturday we head to Costco, get our meats and veggies and grill.  This has been a huge support and success for us. No matter what methods we are using to reach our goals, meal prep/grilling has been the #1 contributing factor to our successes this year.

We have come to the conclusion together that the fit lifestyle and fitness goals are a marathon and not a sprint.  Every day is a learning experience and that it is not a one size fit all process.  We are in it for the long run and will be by each other’s side to support each other the best way that we can.

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Speaking of marathons…….


This girl right here!!! She is my running/racing voice of reason.

We got into our first fight fussing (she fussed, I listened and tried to explain…lol!) over running about a month ago when I agreed to run Ragnar DC without talking to her first.  I knew that I wanted to do it….I knew that she would be the voice of reason and make me think and re-think about not doing it……and so I agreed to do it without discussing it with her first.  She was sooooo mad at me and she had every right to be!  You see this means that in October I will be running the 1st 3 weekends of the month (from 7-13 miles) and the way my knee is set up, this might not be a good look….we will see what happens.

I digress…..this girl right her is the #1 run supporter a girl can have.  She doesn’t run…if you see her running…..you should run too!!!

download (26)

She supports me in all aspects-from my moments of frustrations, doubt, misery, humiliation, celebration, praise and comfort…she is there!

In March when I ran the RnR DC half and it was rainy and cold, there she was umbrella, poncho and camera! She never even considered not being there.

She helps me decide my race calendar (No Tamieka, you can’t run 6 half marathons in a year….4 is your limit! Did I mention voice of reason-she is so good at that!) She helps me pack before a race (literally we are on the phone and she is going through the checklist with me). She is the best race photo photographer! How else would I get great running and after race pictures that I will print out and frame (Sorry MarathonFoto, my girlfriend takes better pictures!)


We also play on the same flag football team for women’s and co-ed.  We push each other to go hard and get it done every game!


I am so blessed to have a friend who just gets me…goes along for the ride-no questions asked and enjoys it!

Bri-Bri-Happy Birthday! Thank you for always being such a good friend to me!

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Enjoy your day!!


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