Something New Review-Cloud Yoga Mat


Disclaimer:I got this product through a company on Tomoson at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

All the opinions are my own and this is an honest review of the product. 

Today’s item review: The Cloud Yoga Mat by Peak Fulfillment, LLC

One of my summer goals is to be more consistent at going to yoga.  In the Spring, I found a yoga studio ( Extend Yoga) near my job that offers mixed level classes for $5 on Friday!!! Yes $5-I thought well I can’t beat that! If I go once a week, that would be only $20.  Even on my extremely tight budget, I decided I could make this work.

I had a yoga mat that I have used for working out on for about a year now which works fine in my house but when I actually looked at it and thought about taking it out in public, I changed my mind.


Yeah a few too many lunges and burpees performed on this mat for sure!!

So when I saw the opportunity to apply for the The Cloud Yoga Mat, I jumped on it.  I was so excited when I was approved to receive and review the The Cloud Yoga Mat!


Their product overview summary:

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Made of high-performance material which provides great traction while being comfortable
  • LIKE TWO MATS IN ONE – Dual texture mat offers two distinct experiences – one side gives a more traditional yoga mat experience, while the other provides a higher level of traction and comfort
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Our mats are 100% recyclable for the earth, and tested to be free from toxic materials for you
  • WORRY FREE – Our yoga mats allow you to focus on your yoga routine instead of whether your feet and hands are slipping, or if your knees are sore because the mat is too thin
  • 100% GUARANTEED – We are so certain you are going to love this mat, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no questions asked refund policy

I ordered the The Cloud Yoga Mat  on a Monday and it arrived quickly (I used Amazon Prime) and that allowed for me to use that Friday at Yoga class.

I have used the mat for both non-heated and heated yoga. The strap is perfect for me to carry it while carrying my change of clothes for after the workout. I do wish that it was a different color but it is  functional not decorative and at this point function is what matters most!

One of things I like most about The Cloud Yoga Mat is the thickness and the length. I am 5 ft 6 in but I am all leg and arms and regular yoga or workout mats are not long enough for me unless they are extra long which you can not always find easily.  The thickness of the mat is great!  At no time did I feel the need to add any extra cushion to support my always sore right knee.  In the past classes, I have had to use a rolled up rug to give my knee more cushion-NOT ANYMORE!!!   No more having to keep my stretches a little tighter and smaller so not to fall off the mat….I can stretch out until my heart is content!!!

I totally forgot to have someone in the class take a picture of me laying on the mat-#badbloggerreviewer!

The traction to the floor was amazing. It almost feels like there are little mini suction cups that allows the mat to stay right where you put it!  In one class it got a little crowded and I had to lift the mat to slide it over a bit to make some room and it took a little extra pull to get it up to move it over (a good thing!)

My only issue with The Cloud Yoga Mat is that it gets pretty slippery when it gets wet. I sweat pretty severely when I work out and even though I used the mat for both non-heated and heated yoga classes I did sweat during the non heated yoga class as well and it did get on the mat.  With that once the mat got wet it did make holding certain positions a bit more challenging.  I don’t take this as a fault of the mat itself at all.  I should have totally had a towel with me.

Overall, I LOVE MY The Cloud Yoga Mat and I can not wait to use it again this Friday for class. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs an X-Long, thick yoga mat.

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