I got my #Freekeh On! and so can you!!

Have you ever heard of Freekeh Foods? I know I hadn’t but when I saw the opportunity from Fit Approach to apply for an opportunity to review the product, I jumped on it!! I love food and love to try new foods to add to my recipes!

Here is what Freekeh says about the product:

Freekeh? What is that?

So glad you asked! Freekeh is an ancient roasted grain that is a great improvement to rice or other grains. It has an awesome nutty, chewy texture. We offer it organically in 3 varieties: Original, Rosemary Sage and Tamari. What’s more, freekeh has up to 3 times the amount of fiber and protein as brown rice.  Freekeh is also naturally low in sodium and vegan!

Here’s the legend of how freekeh came to be…

Freekeh is a process which means “to rub” in Arabic. They say, Freekeh was discovered by accident over 2.000 years ago in the  Middle East when a crop of young green wheat was set ablaze. Most farmers would sulk over their misfortune, but they rubbed off the chaff, cooked it up and “Eureka!” Freekeh was created. We’re proud to offer you this tasty, nutritious ancient grain with a funny name.

So what do you do with Freekeh?

The question should be…what can’t you do with Freekeh? We love it in soups, pilafs, salads, main dish, side dish, breakfast, lunch, dinner. You name it!  You can use Freekeh in any recipe that calls for rice or quinoa. There is no wrong way to “get your Freekeh on.”® Fall in love with this new ancient grain and share with us your favorite way to “get your freekeh on!”

I was so excited to get my Freekeh on!!!

At first glance Freekeh looks to me like a mix between brown rice and oatmeal which I guess makes since as Freekeh is an ancient roasted grain.


I received 2 packs-1 original and 1 Rosemary and Sage flavor.

I was indecisive as to how I was going to use them but then I went to the website and saw 2 recipes that I would be great!


For the Original, I decided on Warm Breakfast Freekeh.  After a day of indulging on way toooooo much cookout foods, I thought starting the day with a high fiber, protein and  generally nutrient rich breakfast would be a good idea and taste super yummy!


I decided to use water, almond milk and coconut milk for my cooking liquids.


I added vanilla extract as the recipe stated.

and cinammon

I don’t cook with butter and so I swap the butter recommended in the recipe for coconut oil.

I followed the directions and let it cook for 25 min.  This is the finished product.  Yeah I know, It does not look too appetizing-I was hoping it would taste yummy though!

I decided to add some banana for some sweetness and texture mix up.

I have to say, I can totally see or taste how this would be super yummy prepared as a grain you would eat like rice. The texture was not that good as an ‘oatmeal’ type meal.  It was tasty but again since the texture was a bit off, I had a hard time eating it.  I ate most of it with the banana but then ended up adding apple sauce to finish it off.

I am excited to use the Rosemary and Sage for the Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers recipe! I will definitely share with you all how that turns out!!


I am having a giveaway to get your own Freekeh Food!

If you win you can choose the flavor (original, rosemary sage, or tamari).

Sorry -*U.S. residents only.*

 Click on the link below and complete the giveaway for your chance to win!

Good Luck!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • You must be 18 years of age or older and is open to U.S. residents only
  • The sweepstakes will run from 8/26/15 at 12:00am EST through 9/4/15 at 12:00am EST
  • In order to enter to win you must use the rafflecopter entries.
  • One winner will receive one (1) bag of Freekeh in the flavor of your choice.
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.
  • The winner will be selected at random on 9/5/15 and will be notified via email.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email If the prize winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded, in Sponsor’s sole discretion.
  • All entrants are bound by the official rules of this giveaway.
  • Winner must be able to prove identity and provide a legal mailing address.
  • All entries are verified by me.

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