Dance Crazy #stretchingstrap

Have you ever felt so tight and no amount of streching, rolling or anything would get that deep stretch you needed…..OMG I sound like an infomercial……

Let’s try this again…..Stretching out the legs with Dance Crazy#stretchingstrap.

I am pretty flexible but I was finding it hard to get a really good stretch so when I saw the opportunity to get the Dance Crazy #stretchingstrap at a reduce cost for my honest opinion-I was all over it!

I am so glad I did!

The top pictures are me attempting to stretch using my own body and muscles….yeah #epicfail

The bottom pictures are me getting the stretch at a better and deeper stretch with the Dance Crazy stretching strap.  I wasn’t stretching past my comfort zone but I was still able to get a good deep stretch.


I like how the strap has little handles on it to allow you to reach and pull to get the good stretch. I am going to use the handles to help determine how much more flexible I am getting over time.

I have been using the strap to stretch on Rest Days to workout the week’s workouts and to get me ready for the weekend workouts.

The strap really helps me to get a good deep stretch in the legs. I always feel ready for yoga on Fridays and a long run on Saturdays.

Are you flexible? Do you use anything to help you get a deeper stretch? 

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