#1MillionMinutes wrap-up!

In the beginning of summer, the #sweatpink community charged us as an active community with completing 1 million minutes of activity over the summer. From June 21-August 21 the goal was to get in 1,000,000 minutes of activity collectively.  I am proud to say that although we didn’t hit the 1,000,000 we did complete over 500,000 minutes of activity! Way to go #sweatpink!!

As a new Sweat Pink ambassador I was really excited to join in on my first official #sweatpink community activity!

As today is Labor day here in the US and the
officil end of summer, I thought I would review and recap my summer fitness and my contributions to the #1Millionminutes.

This summer I had decided to contribute to the #1millionminutes by:

– running: CHECK!


2 runs a week


Weekly Track Workouts

-doing yoga: CHECK!

-practicing and playing football: CHECK!

-weight training and HIIT: CHECK!

Although I felt like I didn’t workout that much this summer, I made a nice contribution to the #1millionminutes by completing over 56 hrs of activity!


What activities did you do this summer? Did you work out more or less this summer?

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Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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