TOTR-Runner Pet Peeves…..don’t you dare!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. Who else is feeling sad that summer is unofficially but feels like officially over!?!

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Today’s theme is: Running Pet Peeves

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I usually run alone on the sidewalks and streets of my neighborhood. I really enjoy putting in my headphones and hitting the streets for a run. This is my ‘me time’ my zen time and my time to gather my thoughts and prepare for the day ahead and release what is causing me stress or worry.  So it really drives my crazy when my run is interrupted by disrespectful people that take me out of my zen place.

My running pet peeves:

1. Ignoring your fellow runner!

I know this happens to every runner-you are running in one direction and you see another runner coming towards you. For me I get excited to acknowledged and greet the runner…well 9 times out of 10 this fellow runner will not make eye contact, check their watch, stop and tie their shoe, stop and stretch….like really would it hurt you to just give a wave, a head nod, God forbid say ‘hello!!!’. I mean really, I am not asking to be your best friend and join you on your run! GEEZZ!! GRRRR!!

2. Dog Poo!!!

I mean really don’t have to say too much about this.  Why is there dog poo on the f-ing sidewalk/path!!! Pick up your dog’s Sh@@ up -lazy a$$!!! GRRRRR!!!

3. Taking up the whole sidewalk

So you have to walk in a way that you take up the whole side walk and won’t move the  F over when you see me coming. Oh right, let me stop and wait for you to walk since you are on a mission and I am just leisurely running.  GET OUT MY F-ing way!!!!

Oh and don’t get me started when there are 2 or more runners running together and they see me coming and don’t make the courtesy single line so I can pass.  B! You don’t know me, I will plow right through your group trust and believe!

4. Cars not yielding

I  know you see me Mr. Car Driver!  I have yielded even though I have the right of way and the walk sign. I have made eye contact with you. I have tapped your car too- if I have to!! Slow the F down! Get off the F-ing phone and pay the attention to the road and those on it!!!

5. Non cleared sidewalks/paths

In my city and county, they are horrible at clearing the sidewalks. In the summer, the bushes and trees are all over grown and where there should be sidewalk-there is a F-ing jungle! In the winter if it snows, chile forget it! The sidewalks get all the snow that was plowed from the streets and sits there for weeks if not months.  As a recreational user of the sidewalk its annoying as all heck! If I had to use the sidewalk (bus riders, kids, etc.), I would be causing such a stir somewhere-it is ridiculous!!!

Wow I feel better….sorry that you all had to ‘see’ my mean not so kind side for a moment!

What are your runner/fitness pet peeves?

14 thoughts on “TOTR-Runner Pet Peeves…..don’t you dare!

  1. HoHo Runs says:

    I’ve talked so much about #1. It’s unbelievable to me that somebody won’t acknowledge you with a simply wave, or smile, or just a nod. I’ve got a couple in my neighborhood that I see almost daily. They will NOT even look at me.

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  2. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    Actually, your post had me laughing & it mostly hasn’t been a laughing day so thank you.

    I agree with pretty much everything you’ve written. I especially hate it when another runner doesn’t acknowledge me, but I usually just shrug it off.

    We don’t have sidewalks in our neighborhood. And I swear no one but us actually uses their garage for their cars. So when it snows, the areas nearest to people’s homes doesn’t get cleared since the cars are in the way, the poor dogs are always searching for something to pee on & climbing up on snow banks & freezing their paws.

    I get that no one wants to see yellow snow but hey, a dog’s gonna do what a dog’s gonna do & I never let them pee on someone’s plants . . . grass & snow is a different story.

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