Friday Hi Five -1st full Week of September


Linking up with Angela @happyfitmama for the inaugural Friday Hi -Five!


I really do love link-ups and love that I can share my thoughts however it fits into the link-up.  I enjoy ‘meeting’ new bloggers and seeing how each blogger connects to the prompt or theme.  It’s really is quite neat!




I realized the other day, that is has been a while since I talked about how happy my children make me.

My son is 7 and my daughter will be 5 in October.  They are the best brother and sister pair. Of course they have their moments but most of their moments are spent together, playing, laughing, working and enjoying each other’s company.

Look at them.....melts my heart!

We had fun this week at my son’s back to school picnic. They played with bubbles for almost an entire hour!!! Who knew bubbles could keep them so entertained. NOTE TO SELF:Soap, water and bubble wands=hours of entertainment!!!



Finished off this lollipops…



Last year, my husband I thought it was time to get the kids into sports.  Since they were in my belly they have been around us and our love for football.  Since they both have been born, they have been there for every practice and every game. Our weekends were Saturday co-ed football and Sunday women’s football.  It came time for us to cut back on our sport activities and focus on the kiddies. I choose to cut out my co-ed football on Saturdays.

I gave them a choice football, soccer, dance or gymnastics. My son choose soccer and my daughter gymnastic.

Last year we put them in recreation/training classes that met on Saturdays for 1hr. Within the year, both children have been ‘spotted’ as having great talent and have been asked to join developmental and competitive leagues or classes. #proudmama.

We now attend gymnastics 2 times a week for and hour and soccer 2-3 times a week for 1 1/2 plus Saturday games. Even though this is a much higher time commitment and I have become an activity mom – I love it!!


My son's 1st jersey :)

My son’s first game is this weekend. He is nervous and excited and so I am I!


I work for the county Govt. A few months ago, they embarked on a campaign to encourage employees to Live Well! They asked for Wellness Champions to help spread the word and to encourage each other to Live Well!

This past week the county has improved their commitment to their employees by providing EACH county employee with a FREE Virgin Pulse fitness tracker (like a fitbit) -How awesome is that!

Hello Virgin Pulse Tracker!

These trackers are such a reminder to get up and get moving!!! I am pretty active but I realized that once I get to the office, I am on my butt all day and only walk or move if I have to.  Nothing like a little reminder to get moving!


We have a few orchards and farms near us and we went to pick raspberries this past weekend. It was so much fun!



We got over 3 lbs and have used them to make raspberry chocolate chip muffins and raspberry mango smoothies. Yummy! We froze the left overs and will decide what to do with them soon.

We also picked some apples. We will be making applesauce in the crock pot this weekend.


At the beginning of the year, I planned out my 2015 ace schedule with some early Spring races, a few scattered shorter races in the late Spring and Summer with an increase of longer races in the Fall.  October was scheduled to be the busiest month with me racing the 1st 3 weekends of October. Well, after the twice confirmed arthritis in my right knee, I have been contemplating my October races and have decided to only race the 1st 2 weekends (Ragnar DC and RnR Brooklyn).  I basically will be running 2 half marathons in 2 weekends. My knee will not be happy with me at all but that is ok. Nothing a little cortizone shot, ice and Alleve can’t cure :).  I withdrawn from the Baltimore Running Festival.  I will rest a bit and then gear up for Rehobeth Half in December.

Although, this was a really hard discussion for me but  know it was the right one.-High-FIve to me for that.

What’s good with you this week? What would you give a Hi-Five to?

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Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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