TOTR- Running/Fitness Trackers I have used and currently use

I have had a few fitness trackers during my fitness journey.

When I first started my fitness journey 3 years ago, I got a fitbit for tracking my steps, my sleep and activity. I loved it! It kept me conscious of my activity or non activity and kept me moving. It also helped me see that I actually was getting pretty good sleep even though I thought I wasn’t.

fit bit ultra

Unfortunately, I lost it.:(

Fortunately, I got another one..and then I lost that one too…..

fit bit zip

Note to self…I don’t do well with clip ons!

I then moved on to a heart rate monitor, that I used to make sure, I was working my hardest during my HIIT and weight training. I liked seeing how many calories I burned and this gave me a good effort indication as to my effort any particular workout.

th (1)

When I began running, I started using run apps (Runtastic and Map my Run
) on my phone to track my mileage and pace-these always seemed to be waaaaaay off…it told me I was running paces where I could qualify for the Olympics-lol!! Like really I with the paces they had me at, I could beat Meb! I knew that if I really wanted to track my running, I would need to get a gps watch.

For Christmas, I got the Garmin 310xt

garmin 310xt

This is a triathlon watch  which just might come in handy when I transition from just running to running and biking (maybe this was a premonition…..hmmm??).  Sorry I digressed…..This watch does exactly what I need it to do….accurately track my mileage and my pace.

At the beginning of September, my job in conjunction with Virgin Pulse offered each employee a free Max Pulse tracker.  This tracks steps and activities.  It came originally with a clip…..I was so glad to get the watch band to switch it to….remember what happened to the last 2 clip devices I had-right?  Since September 1, this has been on my wrist tracking my steps! I do transfer back to the clip when I am working out and running as I have my Garmin on and wearing 2 watches would just be silly.

I have to say, I really like this tracker. I had forgotten how much I liked seeing those step numbers every day.  This tracker also sends out nice little messages which I really like.
Well Hello there.....

Good morning to you too!

Boom! I have hit my goal everyday...up to 10 days now!

Although I am a pretty active person, once I get to the office I now realize how inactive I am at bueno

I would still be interested in a tracker that can track my sleep.  I always think that I am not sleeping soundly and sometimes wake up so many times throughout the night. I would love to be able to have something to help me track patterns (if possible).

When I started my fitness journey, I signed on to MFP and was RELIGIOUS at tracking my calories and loved that every week, I was losing weight.


After, I got so close to my goal weight and then plateaued, I threw away my scale and signed off of MFP.


My account on My Fitness Pal was inactive for over 2 years.

Well I have come full circle and I am am back on MFP (feel free to friend me if you are on there-Fit_MamaMeeks).  I am not counting calories but counting nutrient macros (protein, carbs and fat).  I find that I am too active to count calories, I would be eating all damn day to eat back the calories I burned but the macro counting allows me to ensure that I am eating well and nourishing  my active body. It is a work in progress but one I am committed to (for right now).

I think back to the days when people didn’t have fitness trackers… did they do it? I can’t image actually and I am glad for modern technology. Do I think sometimes I rely on my trackers too much….ABSOLUTELY but I am aware of that and I am working on the balance of the devices.

Do you use any fitness trackers? If so, what do you use? If not, why?

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11 thoughts on “TOTR- Running/Fitness Trackers I have used and currently use

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Oh, that’s a cool tracker! I’ve never heard of it! I had a fitbit for a while and sold it…I run so much I decided i’d rather spend the money on something else!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HoHo Runs says:

    I have a Fitbit Charge HR. I love it. It helped me realize that I was sleeping more than I thought I was. You can also accessorize it if you don’t like just the plain band. I’ve never heard of the Max Pulse Tracker. I like the messages.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Accessorize! Yes!!!

      Max Pulse is a Virgin Pulse product…I think it is most available for companies that join the virgin pulse workplace wellness campaign. It is pretty basic but it serves its purpose! I love the messages…yesterday’s message was Active is Awesome!!


  3. fionajarrett says:

    So helpful to hear your reviews on all the different products because they’re all quite different and I’ve often wondered about getting a fitbit or other activity tracker in addition to the garmin that I have. I’ve had a garmin 910 xt for about 1.5 years now, a triathlon watch, and it’s bang on for accuracy and reliability. I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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