Something New Review-Limm High Speed Jump Rope #LimmJumpRope


Disclaimer:I got this product through a company on Tomoson at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

All the opinions are my own and this is an honest review of the product. 

Today’s item review:  Limm High Speed Jump Rope

I am always looking for ways to add something new to my workout routine. I use to jump rope all the time when I ran track in college and although I HATED IT…..I knew it was something that I needed and that my body responded well to.

Did you know that Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope.

Here are some benefits of skipping rope that you should be aware of:

Skipping rope is a very efficient and complete full-body workout. You are integrating resistance training of your calves, hamstrings, shoulders and arms with an incredible cardiovascular workout. In a sense, you are toning your muscles while strengthening your heart.

Jumping rope requires overall coordination of your body. Your arms and feet need to be in tune with each other as you continue to increase your skipping pace. It takes a lot of concentration and focus. Skipping combines rhythm and timing as you have to recognize the skipping rope’s distance, direction, speed, and position. Your brain will be forced to make extremely quick calculations. Therefore, skipping rope helps you build great overall body coordination, improved reflexes and a greater sense of balance.

Jumping rope is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to target a wide range of muscle groups. While jumping rope, both the upper and lower body are engaged. It is an activity that not only boosts cardiovascular health, but also can affect bone strength, agility, coordination and overall endurance.

I have a jump rope that is actually too long for me and so I went onto the Tomoson website to see if I could find a jump rope available for review.  I was overjoyed when I applied for and got approved for the Limm High Speed Jump Rope.


What I liked most about this jump rope is that it was adjustable.  Although it was a bit too long, the ability to cut it and make it shorter was awesome.  It was a simple process and now the jump rope is the perfect size for me.




The Limm High Speed Jump Rope is super light weight. I think this is a good and a bad thing.  The light weight makes it easy to get going pretty fast once you start jumping but it also means that when you get ‘hit’ by the rope, it hurts like HECK!!!  Another downside to the lightweight is that I found it a bit hard to maintain my speed of jumping.

One of the things, I really like about the Limm High Speed Jump Rope is the comfortable foam handles.  It feel like the handles are padded and they  are so soft and comfortable.


I have been using the Limm High Speed Jump Rope as my 5 minute warm up before my weight training and HIIT workouts. I like the rise of my heart rate and how jump roping gets my body ready for a hard and tough workout.

Overall, the Limm High Speed Jump Rope is one that I would recommend.  The adjustablility of the rope is a winner in my eyes and the cost is right in the budget. Adding the Limm High Speed Jump Rope to your workout products would be a great idea.

Do you own a jump rope? What workouts do you do with your jump rope?

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