Fitness Friday-September Check-In

Well here we are the middle of September and I thought I would check-in on myself and my goals for September.  I realized the other day that it has been a few months since I have set goals for myself well at least put them to pen and paper or the blogesphere.  What I have also realized (again) is that when I don’t set goals, I am more likely to do things willy nilly and ultimately end up falling short. So I am back on setting monthly goals for myself to hold myself more accountable and get myself to a space and place that I feel comfortable with my overall health and fitness.

Over the summer I definitely relaxed a bit too much with my workouts, eating and overall activity.  I must note to myself that I did have a foot injury and and significant knee pain but at the end of the day, I feel I used these too much as an excuse and my body surely responded to that (NOT IN A GOOD WAY!) In looking at me, one may not be see what I see in terms of ‘falling off’ but please know that there are signs. For me those signs are:
-poor sleeping
-feeling lethargic
-weight gain I am above 150 which I haven’t been in a while
-tighter fitting clothes (I am back in 6s where I was consistently in 4s)

This month, I have gotten back on track and have been more consistent with working out and my eating.
My changes have been:
-Adding Mondays as a workout day. This used to be a rest day for me but, I have found that starting the week off with activity ensures that I am more likely to workout the rest of the week. With that I have also become a #moveitmonday Ambassador-this surely gets motivates me to move on Mondays!
-Planning out and writing out my workouts for the week. Instead of waking up and ‘winging it’ (sure to be a reason to stay in the bed), I am planning my workout week out:
-Monday: 1-2 miles with ab work and/or hills
-Tuesday:  HIIT or Weight Training
-Wednesday: Track workout
-Thursday:Rest Day
-Friday: Weight Training &Yoga
-Saturday-Long Run
-Sunday Football
Each Sunday night, I will write out the specific workout I will be doing.

As far as eating, my goal is to eat at least 1800 calories. I am not really counting calories but I need to make sure I am fueling my body effectively and correctly. Each day, I am mainly counting my macros (protein(150g), carbs (172g) and fat (61)). This has really helped me to focus on what nutrient foods I am consuming. I am back on myfitnesspal-nothing like seeing those numbers to help you put down that cookie-lol! If you are on MFP, feel free to friend me- Fit_MamaMeeks.

My goals this month are:
-complete my weekly workout schedule
-get accustom to macro counting
-staying within 5 g of my macros as I make the adjustment
-lose .5 inches in my waist and hips

Have you set goals for yourself for September? How are you doing with your goals? Did summer de-rail you in any way?


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