That time of the month-September


For a few days now if you have been reading my blog, I have been talking about how my employer has linked up with Virgin Pulse to support employer well-being solutions that helps employees create habits that matter so they can be their best at work and at home. I know there are many companies and organizations that are joining employee wellness programs and I commend all of them. Investing in your employees shows their commitment to their employees. In the end, I am sure it is a business/financial decision for the company….healthier employees ultimately will lower company health care cost for all of us and I feel strongly that this decision is a great one for the employee and employer.

Our company will provide each employee a FREE Virgin Pulse Max tracker as well as incentives to be active.  We are not talking pocket change, a silly hat or something frivolous.  Along with other incentives, we are talking hard cold cash!!!! Up to $350 a year. The more active you are the more money you make.  This is FREE money!!! The program started officially September 10 and already I have earned $50 by meeting my step goals and being active. $50 that I can deposit into my back account right now!!!


Do you know of over 8000 employees only 10% have signed up! Like really…only 10%!!  I guess I should celebrate the 10% -right but come on people! UUUGGGGHH!!!

Do you know that people are saying things like…I know somehow this benefits our company so I am not going to sign up…..WHAT??? UUUUGGGHHH!!!

Do people not realize that if we are healthier the cost of health care will go down for everyone!!! Come on people!!!  These are the same people who when they get notice in a few days that health premium costs for next year will go up between 7% and 30%, will bitch and moan about it. These are the same people who are the reason why our health care cost are going up.  All of their medications for obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, and all the other illnesses caused by their unhealthy lifestyle is causing our rates to go up. UUUUGGGHH!!!

I have joined the Wellness Champion campaign as a Wellness Champion to encourage and support employees who would like to Live Well.  In July, I started a walk club to walk 2 times a week. On average, I get 3 people to join me. I enjoy the walks, the conversation and enjoy the fact that there are some people who are interested in living well.  The frustration is the fact that the 3 people along with me are probably the healthiest people in our office.  There are so many people in my office that should be joining us on our walks but instead they make up every excuse in the world why they can’t join us. UUUUGGGHHH!!

Ugggghhh! It makes me so angry, sad, and frustrated, etc.  I just want everyone to be healthy. I know it is asking too much!…..I know it is….but I just wish…..#wishfulthinking

Linking up with, Holly from HoHo Runs and Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home for That Time of the Month….Thank you ladies for allowing me the opportunity to vent.

Please don’t forget to stop by both their blogs and find out what they are venting about and  check out what others are venting about too!

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13 thoughts on “That time of the month-September

  1. says:

    See I knew it was a reason I liked you so much I feel the same way. I’m giving up the things I love to try an better myself an stay healthy yet I struggle to pay for health insurance and at the same time others are showing no discipline yet getting theirs free! Ugggh thanks for putting this out there. We are on the same page!

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  2. HoHo Runs says:

    Wow! 10% is such a low number. It seems like a no brainer win-win thing to me. Who doesn’t like money? I hope your walking group catches on. It’s a fun way to socialize and be healthy! Thanks for linking with us today!

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