Thinking out loud…..keeping it 100%!

It’s been a long time since I have Linked up with Amanda at Running w/Spoons for Thinking out Loud.


Thanks for having me……..

-Today is my 9th wedding anniversary.  I have to be honest and truthful and say that this has been the hardest year of marriage. Marriage is hard work!!!! Keeping it 100%


-This weekend is Homecoming at Howard University my undergrad Alma Mata. I love my Alma Mata. Bleeding Blue for HU all day!!!

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Howard Girls are know to be the finest, brightest and sweetest….Yup that’s true!! Here is a song from a few HU Alums (Tracey Lee DJ Young Guru and Eric RobersonHoward Girls (The DJ Young Guru Remix)

Howard’s Homecoming is always epic by stories I hear. It will probably be washed out by Hurricane Joaquin but I am sure the HU peeps will still find a way to party and have a great time!!! Happy Homecoming HU! Sorry I will miss it!

-Speaking of hurricanes….this weekend I am running Ragnar DC.  A week ago the weather looked perfect for running.. Hi 60s and partly cloudy….then Hurricane Joaquin decided that he wanted to join the Ragnar party. Temp will be in the 40s and 50s with high winds and heavy rain….REALLY!!!!

I can’t help but flashback to RnR DC which was terrible because of the cold and rain!!!! I am sooooooo blown. I have been so excited about this race. This is my first time doing Ragnar and was so looking forward to the experience but I am having a really hard time getting excited and not focusing on the weather.

I don’t have a runners rain jacket…heading to the store later but damn…damn…damn….

My packing has changed significantly and my small backpack has now turned into a suitcase much larger than I wanted.

If I wasn’t running as a Solemate for the Girls on the Run organization-I would totally back out! Keeping it 100%.

-Do you remember a few month ago when I talked about my awesome women’s football team….well things have shifted a bit for us….our QB is pregnant (good for her) and that has us without a set QB.  It’s hard to play football without a QB as you can imagine.  We have options and those options have been putting in great effort but it sure is a 180 from where we were just a few months ago.  I know we will be fine and we will continue to play great football but our record this season will not reflect the awesomeness of the team and that sucks!!!  Keeping it 100%

I am usually silver lining…everything will work its self out kind of person but I am having a really hard time today…..Keeping it 100%

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Well I think I am done fussing and bitching for the day…..I will continue to look for the silver lining as my day goes on….if you find one-can you please send it my way…thanks!

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There is still time…..please help me raise funds for the Girls on the Run-Montgomery County Chapter

Fund-raising link:

Tamieka Runs for All Girls on The Run!

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