Ragnar DC Recap-Day #1

Happy Tuesday all!!

I am slowly recuperating from the fun filled yet exhausting weekend that was Ragnar DC. I have to admit that the race and the experience has remained at the top of all my thoughts since we crossed the finish line on Saturday. Despite the rain, wind and cold…the race and the experience was AWESOME!!



After a few glitches in how I was going to get up to Rocky Gap and the start of the race, I made it there at 5am in time to watch the necessary safety video and to see Runner #1-Carrie off at the 6:30 start.

We got super lucky and the rain/hurricane that we were suppose to get had yet to arrive at the start of the race.  It was quite breezy and cold but I am sure some of that was due to the fact that we were right on the lake.


Safety 1st-Headlamps and reflective vest!

Her 1st leg was 4.88 miles on some pavement and plenty of trails.

In calculating her time out and return, we figured we had enough time to go back to the hotel, finish packing the van and get back in time to meet her for the next exchange. I was initially suppose to be runner #2 but ended up running as runner #6 (don’t ask!).

After packing up the van and grabbing some coffee, we headed back to Carrie’s and Elizabeth’s exchange spot.  The only plus of being outside in the cold was watching the dawn turn to day over the lake.





Note to self…it is OK to wait in the warm van while your runner is out and running-just be back in time to cheer them in!!! I was literally standing in my sleeping bag waiting for her to come in as the other girls where huddle under a blanket.

The exchange between Carrie and Elizabeth went off without a hitch…Carrie in


Elizabeth out for 6.3 miles which included a 2 mile climb out of Rocky Gap


Again with calculation, we were able to take Carrie back to the hotel for her to change out of her clothes and into warmer ones.  We made out way to the exchange 3 for the Elizabeth to Megan hand off.


Elizabeth in….Megan out for a very hard 7.8 miles with hills, hills and more hills!!! She took it like a trooper!!!


Leg 3 got a separate medal for conquering those hills!!



While we waited for her to conquer  the 7.8 miles of hills, we paused and took in the view…with a few pictures of course!




Then it was off to exchange 4 for Megan to Britny.  She had 4.5 of hard what would have been gravel and dirt but since it had started to rain….well it was now mud and mud slides.


Next was exchange 5 for Britny to Brytini.  Brytni had 4.10 of very hard hills, mud and mud slides. The rain continued and got hard at times.


Can you see how excited she was….

Next was exchange 6 with Brytini handing off to me.  The exchange spot was so narrow,she literally came flying down the hill-jump in the van and I jumped out. Sadly that meant no exchange pics for us :(.

I was off for 6 hard miles with rolling hills, wet gravel and mud.

1st leg- runner 6

 The end of my run had a nice down hill which would have been lovely on a dry day but as I ran down the hill, I was so afraid that i might slide down. This made my stride really off and a bit choppy.

A few Run Selfies:

With the rain. I wore a poncho to run. Totally a good call. It didn’t slow me down too much and it kept me pretty dry which meant pretty warm! #score


The rain lightened up a bit and I was able to take the hood off towards the end of my run.  I got the nickname Casper from another team.  I thought that was pretty funny.

imageAs a van we decided that as we got to the 1 mile left marker, we would text each other so that the others could be out the van and cheering as we came in.  The plan was genius….the execution not so much……. as we were in the back woods and service was basically non existent!!! So even though I sent this lovely picture to my van mates at 1 mile out…..they never got it and so they were not at the next exchange cheering me in #sadface :(.


I walked around for about 15 minutes looking for them in a swarm of white vans and runners. This was the exchange where we were handing off to van #2 and so this was the first time that we were all together. Since we were rushing, we never got a group picture at this time #sadface :(.

Van #1 had completed 33.6 miles in 5.5 hours ending at 12pm! We were killing it!!! Yeah baby!!!

Next up was Van #2 and their  first legs of running would total 41.9.  With the varying speeds in Van #2 we calculated that our van would be running again about 6 pm. Enough time to grab a bite to eat at a local diner, warm up and get a little nap in the van. We waited for Alanna to come in and hand off to Carrie to begin leg #2 for our van.


Look at her totally cool jacket!!!


Yes it was COLD and RAINY but we were still all smiles!

We ended up not running again until closer to 8. Which meant my 2nd leg of running wouldn’t happen until after some time after midnight maybe closer to 1am….such fun.

Well there is a little teaser for you.  Day 1 of Ragnar DC.  I will continue to recap the fun through out the week.

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday!

Have you ever done a Ragnar race? Ragnar DC?

Have you ever run a relay race? 

Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Great idea on the poncho! We used a GPS app on our phones to track our runners that worked even when we didn’t have a cell signal!

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