Ragnar DC Recap-Day #2…Part 1

Happy Thursday!!!!

Who is ready for Day #2- Part 1 of Ragnar DC Recap?


Friday night continues:

Alanna rocked her 7.4 hard miles in the rain, wind and cold.


Again…how cool is her jacket!!!

Around 8pm or so she then handed off to Carrie (Runner 1 and my van mate).  Carrie was off for a 4.7 moderate run with a gradual downhill.  The rest of the van got going to meet her so that she could exchange with Elizabeth. Carrie, ROCKED! She ran her best run and felt great after. The runner’s high was on 100% for her throughout the night!. Handing off to Elizabeth, it had started raining a bit harder now.  Elizabeth’s leg was a 4.5 moderate run through the quaint town Williamsport. It really was a cute town..I really should have gotten some pictures…boo :(.  Elizabeth came in strong and ready to be done. She was pushing for a PR 5k pace and pushed a bit too hard.  Next up was Megan with a moderate and pretty flat run of 4.8 miles who then handed handed off to Britny who had a moderate 5.2 miles of rolling hills.  While we waited for Britny, we were surprised with warm Starbucks  from a friend of Britny’s. It was such a nice gesture and good Starbucks too….Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Caramel Machiattos and White Mocha.  I didn’t drink mine because I wasn’t sure if my tummy would cooperate so I thought I would save it for the early morning wake up Saturday morning. Next up was Brytni-she had a whopping 7.3 miles of more rolling hills.  We thought to meet her half way to give her some water but once we got in the van, we were chatting it up and totally forgot (Sorry Brit!). We did meet her at about mile 5…..she was NOT happy with us at all but thankful for the water. We continued on as I was next up to bring us to the end of our Leg 2 runs.

O’Dark hundred Saturday Morning:

Brytini did amazing finishing of her leg of non stop rolling hills on a narrow country road. The exchange was another tight space. The ladies stayed in the van and cheered Brytini in and me out (no pictures).  My run was 3.5 miles…in my mind just a bit over a 5k…no sweat-right! Well say hello to my 2 not so friendly friends called HILLS!!!! Jesus LAWD!! At first glance at the elevation chart, I knew there were two hills but I HAD NO IDEA!!!! Note to self….pay attention to the elevation gain notes which clearly said 580 Tamieka!!

ragnar leg 2 of leg 6

I was off at 12:35am! I really wasn’t that tired surprisingly.  I think the adrenaline was still pumping and knowing that after this, we were done for a little while and were heading to one of our van mate’s boyfriend’s parent’s house for a hot shower, a hot meal and a bed!! Yup the thoughts of all of those lovely things kept me focus on finishing.

Let me let you…running at night on narrow country roads is SCARY!!!! I swear I saw spirits, heard creepy noises and swore that I was going to be kidnapped by someone living in a small cabin living off of nature!!! Clearly I watch too much ID Channel and Criminal Minds!!!

Running up those hills were a KILLER!!! I was still able to get some ‘kills’ though (when you pass someone on the route). I actually got 3. Even though the hills were hard, since I have so many hills in my neighborhood, I think training on those really helped. The steep incline down would have probably been wonderful and refreshing on the legs had the roads not been rain soaked and as slippery as a slip and slide.  I had to take little baby steps the entire way down which caused crazy pain in my shins and hips. Overall, it was a good run and I was glad to not have ended up on a story on ID channel-lol!!


40 minutes later, I was so happy to see civilization and people and to have survived the early morning creepy run.  Stacey-Runner 7 was waiting for me along with Brytini.  I handed off the baton to Stacey and Brytini and I hustled to the van.  WhooHooo!! We were finished Legs 2 of 3!!!  30 more mile in the books for Van #1!! Booyah!!

Now to navigate from Middletown, Md to Derwood, Md so we could get that hot shower, hot food and warm bed that we were all soooooooo excited and happy for!! The ride was about 40 min but seemed to take forever at 1 in the morning.

In our initial calculations of how long it would take Van #2 to run their mile total of 33.9, we calculated that we would have about 6 or so hours before we had to be at the next exchange. Well times change when leg 11’s run got cancelled due to flooding and hazardous conditions.  Our 6 hours just got cut down to maybe 4. Boooooo!!!

We got to Derwood, showered, ate and was able to literally lay our heads down for an hr before we were up and on the move back up to Germantown to meet with Van #2 so Alanna could exchange with Carrie and start Leg #3 (our final legs!!!)

Well there you have it Day #2 Part 1 of Ragnar DC! Stay tuned for the conclusion…..

Have you ever run in an unfamiliar area? Do you run at night? Every feel creeped out?

15 thoughts on “Ragnar DC Recap-Day #2…Part 1

  1. Debbie @ Deb Runs says:

    It was a little creepy out there at 4 AM! My expected 5:30 AM run turned into a 4 AM run because of runner 11’s second leg getting canceled. Our van 1 had gotten a hotel and were bummed that they didn’t get to enjoy it as long as they expected, just like you guys!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lex @ Flecksoflex says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was that leg 23 got cancelled! I was so scared that I was going to run up on a bear! Plus, ya know, the 9.2 miles of hilly, narrow trails that accompanied it! Running at night can be scary, but aren’t you so proud of yourself now?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Running at night was definitely creepy. We had a runner in my van that needed extra miles for marathon training so she ran 3 legs in the middle of the night to get her miles and keep some of us company, that was HUGE!

    Liked by 1 person

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