Adjustments in my life over the past 10 years…..

I really do love linking up with my Deb for Wednesday Word! It gives me the opportunity to be creative in my thoughts and writing.


Today’s word is : Adjust

ad·just……verb: to alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result.

Today’s word leads me to thinking about some of the adjustments I have made in my life over the past 10 years.

As a Capricorn, one of my strongest traits is the need for order and structure. Without it, I am all over the place and get very anxious and nervous, traits that don’t go well with the Capricorn personality at all!!

Since becoming a wife and a mother, my order and structure has been adjusted many times. Thankfully, I have been able to re-adjust and re-set the order and structure in my life to allow for me to stay happy and and a bit sane.

Becoming a wife has been one of the hardest adjustments in my life.  Thanks to being raise as an independent woman, adjusting to letting someone into my space and my home was a huge adjustment for me.  When I bought my house, it was me and my cat and all of my stuff filled up my 3 bedroom 2 ½ bathroom house.  I painted the house the color that I liked, decorated it to fit my style at the time and enjoyed having places in my house to do the things that I wanted to do.  I had the master bedroom for sleeping, the 2nd bedroom was an office and the 3rd bedroom was my TV/Guest room (I had no TV in my living room or bedroom). The TV room was kind of neat because I actually had the TV in the closet so not to take up too much space in the actual room and allowing the sofa bed to open with enough space if guest came over.  It worked well for me.

1 month before we got married, my fiance moved in and my TV room now became ‘his’ room/man cave.  He kept the TV in there but now it had to come out of the closet and we had to adjust the room differently to make everything fit.  I was not at the point where I could adjust to sharing a clothes closet and to this day, we still have separate closets.  I don’t know how people share closets-lol!

So now the bedroom configuration was the master bedroom, his room and the office.

On top of the house adjustment, I now had to adjust to having someone in my space more than I was used to (even though I liked him in my space 😉 ). I had to adjust to cooking for 2 (we have very different food taste), washing more laundry, buying more food, not being able to pick up and go when I wanted to and overall being mindful that now I had someone to think about,etc.

I think the biggest adjustment to becoming a wife has to be being more mindful of my husband’s feelings, wants and needs. Even almost 10 years into it, this is still a difficult adjustment for me.

Fast forward to 2 year later when we welcomed our 1st bundle of joy and then 2 ½ years later when we welcomed out 2nd bundle of joy 🙂 . The next adjustment was becoming a mother AND a wife!!! This by far has been the biggest adjustment for me in my adult life!

On the house front, there went the office! The babies needed somewhere to sleep-right? Lol. So now the house that fit me perfectly was adjusting to my growing family and becoming ‘not so perfect’ as we were running out of space.

Adjusting to being a mother AND a wife was and continues to be a huge adjustment.  I feel so responsible for my children’s up-bringing and development that I have to admit that they get 90% of my attention and focus. I know that being a wife is just as important but the fragility of their childhood always takes precedent. I bank on the fact that as husband and wife, we will be ok but I need to me more mindful of the fragility of the husband/wife relationship too and adjust accordingly.

My latest adjustment as wife and mother is adjusting to being a Fit and Healthy Wife and Mom.  The adjustments I have made over the past 3 years have been to adjust:

-what I eat and the way I eat and therefore what and how my family eats;

-the way I talk about my body (my children are listen and watching);

-becoming a morning workout person (uuugh-getting up at 5 or 5:30 never gets easier!);

-incorporating fit family time (working out together and running together);

-not using my family and my kids as a reason why I can’t be fit and healthy (I was so good at that)

When I look back on my life and how it has changed over the past 10 years and the adjustments that I have had to make, I recall the adjustments being difficult but I am so happy and blessed to have had to make those adjustments in my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way-that’s for sure!!!

Do you find it hard to adjust? What’s the biggest adjustment you have had to make in your life so far?


13 thoughts on “Adjustments in my life over the past 10 years…..

  1. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Gosh, I feel like every day with kids and husbands is an adjustment! Things are constantly changing with kids, so it’s a cycle that will never end!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fionajarrett says:

    So funny the way we make adjustments all the time but it’s only when you write them all down like that, that you realise just how MANY adjustments are made. It’s kinda beautiful the way our lives morph into what they are now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lex @ Flecksoflex says:

    Love this link-up idea!

    It really is difficult to adjust to sharing your space with another person, let alone two! I’m so terrified of the idea of having to share my space with a significant other, letting them see all of my quirks in real time all the time!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    I hear you on adjusting to living with someone! I can’t even begin to imagine adjusting to having little people there, too.

    My husband & I have VERY different tastes when it comes to food, too. When he travels for work, I enjoy cooking what I want to eat. Or not.

    I had to adjust a lot when we moved into this house, which has a small kitchen vs my very large kitchen before, etc. etc. etc.

    We do share a closet, which was an adjustment, because our last house had 2 closets in the master bedroom and one was a large walkin (mine, of course) and now it’s just one medium sized closet. And I love clothes! We do have 2 other bedrooms, so I do have another closet (although my husband chose the larger bedroom so he gets the larger closet which really seems unfair).

    Which means every year, twice a year, I have to adjust my closet — or as I call it, the great migration — summer/fall clothes and then winter/spring clothes. It’s a pain.

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