Home Workouts with Grokker.com~~Review & Giveaway!

I am pretty self motivating and can usually get focused to workout by myself.  I have never liked the gym…too many distractions and antics for me.  Also for me, it is wasted time (that I don’t have) to drive to the gym, fight over machines, workout and then drive back home to rush and get the kids ready for school and me ready for work. I prefer to sleep in a little later, wake up get dressed and head down stairs to workout.

As a home workout queen, I am always looking to find workouts to do at home that require little to no workout equipment although I do have plenty of equipment (2 sets of resistant bands, Bowflew weights, squat rack, free weights, push up bars, ankle weights…you name it, I probably have it!)  The only two items really need want to complete my home gym is a Buso and a Pull-up bar (hint…hint….x-mas and my b-day are around the corner-heehee #jokingnotjoking).

Type in Home Workout Routines in Google and you will get over 3 million results!!!! Click on images and the images are endless! Click on videos and you will get over 4 million videos-Holy Cow!! Yeah that is too overwhelming for me.

In the past, I would do the google search and literally eeny-meeny-miney-mo to determine what workout I was going to do.  I have also done plans from bodybuilding.com. zwow and fitness blender. What I liked most was the variety of workouts on all of those websites however, it meant that I was looking through multiple workouts on multiple sites to ‘create’ a plan for myself.  It was time consuming but something that I was willing to do to ensure that I gave myself plenty of options and variety to stay motivated.

Earlier in the summer through Fit Approach, I had the opportunity to preview the basics of Grokker.com and loved it! Even though the basic subscription gives you limited workout options, there were still some videos to choose from but the selection is very limited. I even participated in a mini challenge with #sweatpink and Grokker and won a few goodies from Grokker.com.

Fast forward a little over a month ago when the opportunity to apply for the Grokker.com campaign through Fit Approach became available, I was on  it like white on rice!!!  This time around #sweatpink ambassadors were going to get a free 3 months Premium subscription to try out. In return, we needed to write a review of our experience using Grokker.com.  Yup! Sign me up…I can totally do that!

I was OVERJOYED when I got the email saying that I was selected to participate in the Grokker.com campaign!


Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the #sweatpink- Fit Approach family!!!

Grokker has an amazing library of fitness and cooking videos that work for everyone—whether you’re a fitness expert or just getting started, there’s something for you.

They have 2 memberships that are available depending on your needs:

The Basic Membership includes:

  • 2 Free Grokker Premium Videos/Week
  • Full Access to Non-Premium Videos
  • Is Always Free

The Premium Membership includes:

  • Unlimited Grokker Premium Videos
  • Full Access to Non-Premium Videos
  • Enjoy Group Classes Online
  • Watch on Mobile, Tablet, Web, and TV
  • Ask Grokker Experts Questions
  • $9.99/month for an annual plan, $14.99/month for a monthly plan

What I like most about Grokker.com is the variety of workouts and more (articles and forums).  For Yoga, Fitness and even cooking, they have a multitude of videos and video series. What I do not like most, is that to have access to the multitude of wonderful videos and series, you have to subscribe to the Premium subscription (Once you do that the sky is the limit for options.

I got right to work using my Premium subscription to view the multitude of videos on Grokker.com. Once I signed up, I browsed to see what I would like to do.  I started with a few Yoga Ab workouts, a few HIIT workouts and ended up finding Sarah Kusch‘s Tight in 28 days series.

The workout consists of 12 videos (only accessible through the Premium Subscription) that are geared to assist you Lose Weight, Get Toned, and Stay Fit by combining high intensity interval training (HIIT), Barre-inspired workouts and exercises that directly target the abs and core.

The fitness Level is Recommended For: Intermediate, Advanced.

I thought this was right up my alley and fit perfectly with the timeline for use and review of the website.

A few workout shots:


Check out one of the videos in the series HERE and get  ready to sweat and hurt so good!

I plan to continue participating in the 28 days series through the month of November as I kind of make shifted her calendar schedule so didn’t quite finish in 28 days.     I plan to also look into more of the fitness, yoga and cooking videos and use some of the videos for cooking-the recipes look sooooo yummy.

Overall, as a home workout queen, I really like the options provided by  Grokker.com.  I do wish that more videos were available without the Premium subscription though.

I have some good news for you all!!!!

  • With the discount code: 99CENTS , you will get your first month of premium membership on Grokker for……..$.99!!! BAM!!

But wait there is more…….. (in my best TV commercial voice)

  • Grokker.com has given me permission to Giveaway a Free 3 month Premium subscription to a lucky reader!! How awesome for you all!!

I hope you enter and good luck!

Click Here to Enter for a Free 3 month Premium Subscription to Grokker.com

  • You must be 18 years of age or older and is open to U.S. residents only
  • The sweepstakes will run from 10/28/15 at 12:00 am EST through 11/7/15 at 12:00 am EST
  • In order to enter to win you must use the rafflecopter entries.
  • One winner will receive a Free 3 month Premium subscription to Grokker.com (a $60 value)
  • The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.
  • The winner will be selected at random on 11/8/15 and will be notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email If the prize winner forfeits or does not claim the prize, prize will be re-awarded.
  • All entrants are bound by the official rules of this giveaway.
  • Winner must be able to prove identity and provide a legal mailing address.
  • All entries are verified by myself.


Disclosure: As a Fit Approach/ Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was given a 3 month premium membership to Grokker.com in exchange for writing this review post. All views and opinions are my own.

Thank you so much Grokker!

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