Introduction…..Who is Fit Balling Running Mom?

Happy Thursday all!!

7 months and 149 posts into blogging and it wasn’t until I began participating the Grow Your Blog Hop last week, that I realized, I have never really introduced myself to any of my readers when I started my blog.

As a part of the blog hop, I get a spotlight day that is today Thursday, Nov 5th.  If I did this ‘schedule a post’ thing correctly, this post should have posted at 12am today (Thursday, Nov 5th).

It was suggested to use some of my post to introduce myself to the new readers visiting through the blog hop.  I will be using my entire post to introducing myself to everyone reading today.

Before I get into that, a special thank you to Kristy @ Runaway Bridal Planner for this Grow Your Blog Hop opportunity. It has been so much fun connecting with so many different and awesome bloggers since last week and I am thankful for the opportunity to introduce others to my blog as well.

For anyone visiting through the blog hop, welcome-I am so glad you are here.  To my ‘regulars’, thank you for being here and I am honored to re-introduce myself to new and returning readers!

download (24)

The short version of Who is Fit Balling Running Mom

My government name is Tamieka. Many people call me Meeks. Only my sister can call me Tammy (don’t even think about it!!) I am 41 (about to be 2 in less than 2 months). I am a wife (married 9 years this past October 1st) and a mother of two young children (7 and 5). I play women’s contact flag football, run and workouts out. I have 2 degrees in human Development and Education with specialization in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. live a fairly fit, active and healthy lifestyle.

The long version of Who is Fit Balling running Mom:


Ever since I was young, I have always been the ‘skinny fat’ girl. You know the girl that could eat whatever she wanted and it never showed up anywhere. The one who was thin but no muscle definition AT ALL!!! Yup that was me and as I look back, I surely do miss those days (of eating what every I want with no consequence!)-lol!

I have been physically active most of my life and into sports through college and up to my 1st pregnancy in 2008.   Well after having my first kid, I was so overwhelmed with being a mom and was struggling on how to fit working out into motherhood. I never really figured it out then actually. I easily got into the ‘I have a kid, I don’t need to work out-I need to take care of my child’ mentality and then I had another kid and was enjoying mommy life a bit too much (for my taste at least).  I went from a comfortable athletic looking size 4 to not so athletic looking tightly fitting size 12 (2 years after my 2nd child). Just when I was feeling like ‘enough was enough’ and was about to get my sh@# together (after numerous previous attempts) to get back in shape, my girlfriend began to plan her 40th birthday and had decided on Belize. So there it was the REAL motivation I needed to get my sh@# together.  In 2012, I started the mission to be able to fit comfortably in a 2 piece on the beaches of Belize and I have not looked back since!







I have been committed to a healthy lifestyle for the past 3 years learning more and more each day about health, fitness and my body.  I am committed to being and staying a Fit Mom to set a good example for my children and my family.

I am planning on studying to become a personal trainer with a concentration on nutrition.  I have the book-I just need to get focused and make a plan for studying and taking the test.


Since 2002, I have been playing contact flag women’s football.  We are able to block of the line and down field. My team’s name is Lady All Met.   Don’t let the pretty faces fool ya….we are a force to be reckoned with.  We have won 3 National Champions and numerous local and travel tournaments. We are known for being a very physically aggressive team and have a mean run game!!

I have won multiple MVP and All-American accolades as being a shut down corner. As I have aged, I have transitioned to line-backer and still as aggressive as ever-always going at 110%  and playing harder and smarter than many of the younger players on the field.

I met my husband playing football. His best friend used to be our coach. My husband used to come to our practices to get better at flag pulling (so he says-lol!). He has been pulling my flag ever since ;). Oh and he is our current coach now…there is some good and some bad of this (ha!).

FW 2015wpid-picmix-09.000.jpg



I was a runner in high school and some of college but after a bad ankle injury in college, I stopped running all together. In my late 20s and 30s, I ran a 5k here and there but nothing to serious and nothing that I was really committed to.  Fast forward to June 2013 while playing football and I tore my right ACL and meniscus.  Getting past the devastation, I put my energy into rehabbing my knee to be able to play in Nationals in January. Part of my rehab was to run to put pressure on my knee and build strength in my quads.  With the support of my Dr. and my PT, I set my goal to run the annual Turkey Trot in November 2013 ( 4 months post surgery). Mission accomplished and I have been running ever since. I have run multiple 5ks-half marathons and recently completed my 1st Ragnar (DC) in October .  I am currently training for my last half of 2015 (Rehobeth Half in December).  I have developed severe arthritis in my right knee and have been advised by my Dr. (not my sports doctor) to stop running half marathons as it is putting a bit too much wear and tear on my knee (blah…blah…..blah….).  For a minute, I was going to listen to him but I have changed my mind. Instead, I will reduce the number of half marathons I run (I usually have done 3-4 a year) to probably 1 or maybe 2 a year. I will also be looking into Duathalons and Triathlons as suggested by my sports Dr. (he knows me so well). We will see what 2016 brings for the runner in me :)!

wpid-IMG_20151003_114002.jpg wpid-IMG_20151010_105158.jpg    wpid-IMG_20150530_094355.jpg


I have been blessed and chosen by God to be the mother of 2 amazing children.  I know I am a bit biased here but they are the BEST!!!  I never in my life thought I would be a mom and every day, I give thanks for being chosen.  These two right here….are my joy!


They make every day worth living and everything I do, I do for them! One of my biggest motivators for transitioning into a healthier lifestyle was to be able to keep up with them (literally!) We have so much fun together! I love them so much! They are often captured here on my blog…I just love showing them off #proudmama!

wpid-IMG_20150704_194622.jpg wpid-IMG_20150816_170620.jpg wpid-IMG_20150816_171342.jpg wpid-IMG_20151009_201532.jpg wpid-20150905_1929491_edit.jpg wpid-IMG_20150909_184022.jpg

Why I blog:

I had been contemplating blogging for about a year before I got the nerve to actually begin blogging.  One day I mentioned that I was contemplating blogging to Cynthia and she being the supportive gal that she is said ‘you should totally do it!’ and so I did.  I wanted the name of the blog to represent me and the things that I was most passionate about and most likely to blog about. In March 2015, Fit Balling Running Mom began and is have been an amazing experience thus far!

I blog to really just get thoughts out of my head. I blog to save my friends and family from consistently hearing me talk about running stuff, fitness stuff, health stuff, etc., I started blogging to connect with others who were interested in what I was interested in and who were excited about sharing, talking and networking.

7 month in and I am loving it! The blogging community is so welcoming and supportive. I get excited when I get to meet a blogger friend in person. I got to meet Sue at one of the exchanges at Ragnar DC. It was totally unexpected but a great surprise!!! I love the connections I have made so far and look forward to many many more.

Future plans for my Fit Balling Running Mom:


Fit Balling Running Mom

I am really enjoying blogging and learning so many wonderful things from different bloggers. I am so amazed by blogger’s inspirations, content, niches and creativity.  I am still working on what the niche is and will be for my blog and what direction I want to take it in. I need to spend some time thinking about the vision I have/want and I know that will lead me into the right direction for the blog.

I intend to develop my Soleful Saturday posts (Soleful Saturday posts are posts that are exclusively running related and vary in topic based on what is in my head that day. If you have any suggestions for Soleful Saturday, feel free to email me at


In the immediate future (by my 1st anniversary), I plan to transition to my own URL.

In the meantime, I will continue to jot my thoughts down as they come and hope that my readers enjoy the content.

I hope you have enjoyed my introduction.  Thanks for stopping by and for reading this longer than usual post :).  I really appreciate it!

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80 thoughts on “Introduction…..Who is Fit Balling Running Mom?

  1. curlycaroline says:

    Congratulations on 9 years of marriage! My anniversary is on Oct. 2nd! Although its not a marriage anniversary I thought it was cool our dates were side-by-side! Happy to have gotten the opportunity to meet you through the blog. I, too, was always that “fat skinny” type of girl you mentioned. Yet, as I got older I realized (and was constantly reminded) that my habits would catch up to me! Which is why I dove myself into health and fitness myself. So I started working out so that the fat always stayed inside, ha! But I wanted to feel good inside too, which is where clean eating comes in!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Run Wright says:

    This post was just as informative as the 2nd intro.
    Its impressive that you’ve gotten this far in blogging after having only been doing for a few months. I’m almost 2 years in and I love sharing. I used to have a private blog before and one day I just decided to create runwright and share myself with the world.
    Best decision ever because it opens up a whole new community of people to share.
    I hope you get that trainer certification done. I’ve been looking into it myself. There’s no reason why I haven’t already done it, except I have so many other balls in the air. Someday, I will.
    Again, great to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Yea girl!! You totally rock! The blog hop is awesome isn’t it? I didn’t participate this time around but I did last time and loved it!! I just didn’t have enough extra time right now!! Loved reading your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Awww thanks Rachel!!!

      Glad to hear self-hosting works well for you. I am excited about the possibilities!

      Thanks-it all keeps me busy and surprisingly sane-lol!!!

      I just need to figure out how to fit house work and cleaning in there now-lol!


  4. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    You are even more cool that I first realized! That is SO fabulous that you play flag football! And super cute story of how you met your hubby!
    Boo for arthritis, but glad you have found a dr who is working with you on alternatives! I deal with it too in my knee and shoulder. Something that has been helpful for me that might help you are tart cherry juice (helps to reduce inflammation) and some essential oils.

    Your kiddos are adorable 🙂 Love the pics! They obviously love their momma very much!

    So glad to have met you through this hop! I look forward to seeing the progress you make with running and your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. acbrandt says:

    Nice to “meet” you! I’m SUPER impressed by the flag football. I think I’d love to do something like that, but I have a long way to go health/fitness-wise (and bravery-wise) before I get there! I can’t wait to hear more of your story.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. foodiecology says:

    Hey! I totally understand that you would blog to “get out of your head.” That is precisely why I blog, and I couldn’t imagine giving it up any time soon.
    I love that you play football. I know they do kickball leagues where I live, but I’m not sure if they do football. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun, though.
    Your children are beautiful. Although I always imagined myself having a family, I was terrified to actually become a mother, and now I am just so thankful that I have my own child. It gives me so much purpose.
    Great meeting you through the hop. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Blogging is so helpful for that..clearing the head!!

      I am sure there is a football leauge -it just might not be that know. In the Dc area we have very competitive football leagues for both men and women.

      Thanks. yes becoming a mom has been one of the scariest times of my life but one I am so grateful for. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! i really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. holisticfitfam says:

    Hi Tamieka! So great to meet you on the blog hop! I love how your broke down each part of your blog and what it means! I am thinking about training for a tri and I am enticed that tri races put much less pressure on your knees and ankles….this may be my next cross-training venture from marathons!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Hi!!! Nice to meet you as well!!! I tried clicking on your link for your blog but it does not open 😦

      Thanks-I thought that it would explain the blog name which i am sure people are wondering what it means-lol.
      Yeah as much as I hate reducingmy running, I know that it is the right decision and dua/tri just make sense to me 🙂


  8. runawaybridalplanner says:

    This is one of the reasons I love doing this hop, the opportunity to meet so many awesome people through it.
    I had wondered the meaning behind your blog when I was typing it in a few weeks ago, and I am just in awe that your in Football. OMG that is AWESOME!!!! So cool, I haven’t met another blogger who is into anything like this, I love it!
    Not only that, but it looks like you guys are pretty darn good at it too! Gotta love when you can do the things your passionate about still as adults!
    Your so active, and I really enjoyed your story. I think it is amazing that you lead by example for your kids. I can’t think of a better thing anyone can do for their children but teach them and lead by example a healthy lifestyle!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thanks! The hop has been soooo fun!!!

      As I was typing out my post i realized that most people are probably wondering about the blog name and so the opportunity to talk it out was a good one 🙂

      Yeah although I know many lady footballers, I guess it is quite odd. It is so much fun and it helps that we are good-lol!

      I love the example I am setting for my kids. Just this morning my son came into my room to ask me when I was getting up to work out. He didn’t know it was my rest day so I was actually sleeping in a bit….it was super cute though.

      Thanks for hopping over to my blog! I really appreciate it!


  9. Sun says:

    I think it’s so wonderful you balance family time with being so active! I loved reading about your involvement with flag football – I didn’t even realize there are competitive adult leagues. Sounds very fun and awesome that your team is one of the very best!

    Great to meet you through the blog hop 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thanks…the balance is a work in progress for sure but I am working on it!

      In the DC area-we have one of the most competitive flag football teams. Of the past 10 years at national championships, the teams that have one have been from the DC area.

      Great to meet you as well. Thanks for stopping by-I really appreciate it.


    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thanks 🙂

      It is amazong how we get to know each other through these blogs! It has been really awesome following you as well!

      I am glad you liked it-it was fun actually putting it together and remembering where this all started from.

      Aren’t they though…lol! #proudmama


    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      It is so neat how we get to know each other through the blog. I have enjoyed getting to know you as well. I am so envious of your bravery in your run group hops!

      thanks…aren’t they though..heehee #proudmama


  10. Mandie says:

    You look amazing and are an inspiration! I am so glad you made the decision to re-find your fitness! It drives me crazy when moms say they can’t “be selfish” and dedicate time to eating well and working out – um, it’s selfish if you DON’T! So glad you realize that and are a great example! I bet you looked incredible in Belize!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      BTW-love the name of your blog!

      It makes me sad that I used to be one of those moms and now it makes me mad when I hear moms make excuses. Not judging but because I know it is possible their ‘excuses’ are invalid!

      Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it!!


  11. Ellyn @ In Fitness and In Health says:

    Hi Tamieka! So nice to meet you through the blog hop! I love this introduction. Also love how you broke it down into the different parts of the name of your blog and what each means to you.

    Thats SO COOL that you’re into flag football! How original! I haven’t met a blogger yet who plays FF like that. I used to play way back when in high school and loved it. Although, today I’m not sure I’d like being tackled and ran after. 😉

    I think a lot of us started blogging for the same reasons you did. To get our thoughts and ideas out there, using it as a creative outlet hoping others like what we like and to share ideas, passions, etc. That’s so great that you’ve gotten to connect with other bloggers in person too! That’s one thing I would LOVE to do, but being in upstate NY, I haven’t met any fitness/health bloggers (yet!). So great to connect with you and learn more about you! Hope we can stay in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Hiiii! Nice to meet you as well!

      I could see how my blog name probably confused some people so I thought that was a good way to explain it. I am glad you liked the format 🙂

      I love FF, I do most of the tackling-lol!! My nickname on the field is ‘tackles’ lol!

      Blogging had been so awesome for me to get those thoughts out. not all of my firneds are into health and fitness like I am so blogging has helped me really connect with others and I love that!

      What part of NY? I worked at a camp in Rhinebeck years ago…so beautiful up there! How far are you from the city?

      Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it!


      • Ellyn @ In Fitness and In Health says:

        I’m in upstate NY in Guilderland, just outside Albany, so I’m about a 3 hour drive from NYC. I’m with you on the friends thing – not many of my close friends are into fitness as much as I am either, so I’m happy there are like-minded people out there who we can all connect with and share the same passions! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Awww thanks Tricia!!

      The blog hop has been so much fun-I don’t want it to stop!

      I need to figure out how to get the daily emails for round 2-it is time consuming but so fun!

      Thanks for following and for the compliments 🙂


    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thank you!!

      There is a growing number of female football players-it is quite awesome actually. Our league went from 5 or 6 teams a season to 18 this season.

      I need to learn how to swim but after that…then it is ON! LOL!

      I know that cross training has been what has been missing from my run training.

      Thanks fro stopping by!


  12. Teri B. says:

    Hi Tameika! So wonderful to finally meet you through the hop! I loooove that you play football and play hard! While I don’t understand football very well, my sons are teaching me the game and it’s been a great way to connect with them. You have a beautiful family, too. Can’t wait to see what great things you accomplish in the future and will definitely stay on board to cheer you on!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Nice to meet you as well!!
      I didn’t know anything about football when I started playing….I actually learn something new still!

      I am sure your son’s are enjoying sharing with you. My son is playing soccer…I need to get a soccer for dummy book-lol!

      Awww thank you!! they are my heart!!

      Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. I appreciate it!


  13. HoHo Runs says:

    It’s nice to get to know you better through this hop! I think you are an excellent role model for your kids. It’s so cute about your husband pulling your flags. LOL. I agree with you about not necessarily listening to what the doc says. We know our bodies better than they do. How awesome you participated in a Ragnar Relay. That’s a bucket list item for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Awww thanks!!

      Yeah-he is a cutie even on the days I want to push him off a cliff-lol!

      This Dr is an arthritis Dr. so he doesn’t really know me. My sports dr is very supportive of me staying active but mindful of possible limitations. I like that about him.

      Ragnar was so fun!!!


    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thank you so much! A constant work in progress and it has been an amazing journey.

      Thanks-I need to get going and plan my strategy for studying and taking and passing the class-I don’t know what I am waiting for-sigh

      I hope to make a difference 🙂


  14. Aimee says:

    It’s great to officially meet you through the blog hop! You are one tough lady! I’ve never known anyone what has played women’s contact football, let alone won a national championship!

    I love your goals and your drive with your running. Good luck on your last half of the year.

    Your kids are seriously adorable! You are setting a wonderful example for them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thanks! Nice to meet you as well!!

      I need to step up my training for my half and I will be glad when it is over. I am a bit tired of training and ready for a good rest 🙂

      Thanks-they are my joy!! I love that they are active also and taking after me in that sense.


  15. Becky @ Olives n Wine says:

    Your children are gorgeous! I also used to call myself “skinny fat” before I got into weight lifting, haha. It is fun to see how what you eat and how you move your body really impacts your physical and emotional well being. Your transformation is incredible – way to go!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    So nice to learn more about you & to finally learn where that balling came from — I wondered! I wish I’d known about the blog hop, but then again my plate is kind of full at the moment so probably I was better off not.

    Yup, still thinking about where I want to take mine too. I actually do own my own URL, but haven’t pulled the trigger on either paying wordpress extra for it or getting a host — although I’ve read transitioning is a drag.

    I think you’ll make an awesome coach!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      the blog hop has been fun-I will keep you in mind and let you know if she does another one.

      How is Chester?

      I am gong to take some time to do some research on my own url…pros/cons

      thanks-I really enjoy helping people-I think it will be fun and fulfilling.


    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      Hi there ACL twin! I have had ACL surgeruy on both knees now :(. The one giving my problems is the one I had done over 10 years ago.

      I need to learn how to swim but would totally be up for a summer Tri…is it a sprint? Tell me more.


  17. Kim Hatting says:

    you got me!! I immediately signed up to follow you 😉 We have a lot in common, including the Run, Rest, Repeat shirt 😉 You are one active gal, and I admire all of your accomplishments! Happy to meet you through the Hop, and I look forward to reading about your next adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. erin says:

    love it!! I think it is so cool that you play football! Good luck on your upcoming half marathon, my last half marathon of 2015 is on Sunday, then I have 3 right at the beginning of 2016 (January, February & April).

    Liked by 1 person

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