Soleful Saturday: Which Runner’s GPS Watch?

When I started running with the idea races, I started using apps on my phone and ipod to track my pace and distance. I tried Runtastic, Map My Run, Endomondo-you name it I tried it.

Each of these apps failed me horribly! They would give me incorrect times, paces and distance. Really! What is your point if you give me all the wrong information! Uugh!  One time, I ran three running apps at the same time on a run -can you believe that I got 3 different readings.

I was so frustrated by this and really wanted to get a running watch that would give me accurate readings of pace and distance.

Two Christmases ago, I wished for a GPS watch. I was tired of incorrect apps telling me I was running Olympic times and cutting by distances short.  I was so excited when I was gifted a Garmin 310xt.


Multisport GPS for Land and Water
GPS-enabled training device for multisport athletes
Tracks time, distance, pace and heart rate on land
Times your swim and estimates distance and average speed
Water resistant to 50 meters
20-hour battery life

It was totally much more than I needed but i’ll take it!!

For the past 2 years this Garmin 310XT has served me well for sure. I have never used the bike or the swim features but the run and cardio features have gotten some good work in!

The watch has held up well but is beginning to fall apart 😦 – it has lost its lap button and the other day the strap broke off.


I called Garmin and am waiting to hear back from them what the damage might be to repair the watch.

While I wait, I thought I would look into other options just in case the repair cost is the cost of a new watch. Who doesn’t love to window shop. 😉

Of course I would look at Garmin watches-like I said the one I have has served me well just a little damaged right now.

Hot da#@-Look at these beauties!!


I hear Tom Tom is stepping up their run watch game even after breaking from Nike. Let’s just head over and see what they have shall we…

Look at this beauty…


The TomTom Runner Cardio Watch

And this one…


Polar M400

Let’s not forget the Fitbit Surge


So many choices-what’s a girl to do?


Do you have a GPS runner’s watch? Which one? What features do you like?

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15 thoughts on “Soleful Saturday: Which Runner’s GPS Watch?

  1. Meg says:

    I am still in the ‘unreliable smart phone running app’ stage. I can’t afford a watch right now, so I happily did some window shopping with the hep of this post haha. One day I am sure I will get an actual watch, but I’ve convinced myself to be happy with using my phone for now. I figure that I run the best I can, despite whether the numbers are accurate or not. But that really is just a mind trick I will use until I can afford the real thing 🙂
    Thanks for the info
    Meg x

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    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Running by feeling is awesome too. I think we actually get to stuck in our apps and watches and we don’t tune into how we feel.

      During my off season that is going to be one of my goals, just to get out and run and see how I feel.

      Nothing wrong with a little window shopping….I hope to add something to my holiday/bday list 🙂


  2. fionajarrett says:

    I have a Garmin 910xt (the predecessor to the 920) and I love it. I’ve had it for about 2 years & it works like a dream (touch wood). Very accurate tracking for running, swim & bike. Battery life isn’t bad and I’ve never had any complaints about it at all to be honest. However, if you don’t cycle or swim much or not into triathlon, then there’s no point paying the extra money rather than opting for the Forerunner 220/225, both of which I’ve heard from other runners are very good. From what I’ve read, TomTom lag behind on technology & it seems that the quality of Garmin is just much better. But I’m no expert! Good luck 🙂

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  3. triandtrue says:

    I totally did this a year ago. I loved my garmin but it didn’t have a lot of battery life (Forerunner 10 lasts 4 hours) I looked at the TomTom but you have to wear it on the bottom of your wrist which I thought was weird. I ended up getting the Polar M400 but it is kinda complicated. I just wanted something simple. My husband has taken my polar and I plan on going back to Garmin next year. Good luck picking!!

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