Can we go a week?

I do not watch the news!

I choose not to watch the news because the news only presents the negative and bad that is going on in the world and I emotionally can’t take it.

I have signed up for text updates from a local newstation in the DC area so that I am not totally oblivious to what is going on in the world but informed of important breaking news.

Not a week goes by that I don’t get a text message stating that someone somewhere has chosen to hurt someone else.

Not a week!

This makes me so sad. How have we gotten to the point that there is so much hate in the world?
How is it that we have gotten to the point where the taking of a human life is as easy as ordering a cup of coffee?

The continued disregard for life and the heartless attacks on humanity make me sick to my stomach and I feel so helpless.

I pray for Paris-I pray for all of those families that will remember Friday the 13 , 2015 as one of the worse days in their lives-I pray for us all!


8 thoughts on “Can we go a week?

  1. slysamblogs says:

    I have mixed feelings on the issue of watching the news. I do think as a citizen it is important to be informed about issues, policies and the policy-makers. It is also helpful to know what is going on in the local community. But is can be very demoralizing, and I do feel better when I limit my news consumption.

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