Who is Fit Balling Running Mom Part II

I am so excited to continue with the Grow Your Blog –Blog Hop hosted by Kristy at Runaway Bridal Planner.  I have been Blog Hopping since October 26th and have visited so many awesome blogs.  It has been a really great experience and would recommend everyone to participate in a blog hop if you get the chance.  By the end of  2nd round  on Friday, I would have connected with 77 other bloggers.

Today (Wednesday November 18th) is spotlight day #2 (since I participated in round 1 and round 2).  For those of you visiting through the blog hop WELCOME!!!!

For a 1st look at Who is Fit Balling Running Mom feel free to check out my first spotlight post HERE. There I go into greater detail as to where the name Fit Balling Running Mom came from.

I have been thinking about what to do for spotlight #2 since last week and thought I would elaborate on Who is Fit Balling Running Mom with a few more getting to know me facts.

Here we go….



Since beginning my fitness journey 3 years ago:

-I have lost about 30 lbs

-I have lost about 20% body fat

-I have dropped 4 pant sizes (from a tight fitting size 12 to comfortable fitting size 4)

-I have contemplated about participating in fitness competitions but worry that I will not be able to stay as disciplined as I need to to be successful

-I often get stuck in a sabotage mentality that takes me a while to get out of

-I am a No Excuse Mom

-I have weight/fitness goals that I have been trying to achieve and really struggling to get to but I am not discouraged

-I have learned time and time again that health and fitness goals are fluid and do not have to be set in stone. it is a process and process takes time


-I have played contact flag women’s football for 13 years

-I have played co-ed football for 12 years

-I met me husband on the football field

-My husband and I have played on many championship teams together in co-ed football

-My husband is the football coach of my women’s team

-My husband has coached our women’s team from a 1 game winning team to a 3 time National Championship team with many other championships from 2006-present

-I have torn both of my ACLs playing football. Both times were freak, non-contact injuries

-I am 2 All American awards from being eligible for the USTFL Hall of Fame as a player

-Although I play flag football, my nickname is ‘tackles’ (I sometimes get a bit too aggressive-lol!)



-I ran track in high school and college

-I was an All-County track athlete with honors in the 400 and 4X400

-In college I suffered a severe ankle injury that led to me quitting track

-In 2013 after tearing my right ACL playing football and running would become part of my rehab

-I ran a 5k 4 months post ACL surgery

-I am a member of Black Girls Run, Moms Run This Town and Montgomery County Road Runners Club

-I ran my first half marathon on 2014 and got addicted to the distance

-I ran my first Ragnar race this past October. It was awesome!

-I ran my fastest 5k last weekend (Race Re-Cap HERE)

-I want to participate in a duathalon in 2016 with the possibility of a triathlon (if I learn how to swim-lol)

-Running is my therapy, my special place, my sanity



-I love my children

-I never thought I would be a mom

-I got pregnant on our first try for our first baby

-I got pregnant on our first try for our second baby

-My son’s name was the only name that my husband and I could agree on

-My daughter’s name was decided with a coin toss right after her birth

-I have never loved anyone as much as I love my children (don’t tell my husband)

-My children have made me a better and kinder person
-Everyday is a blessing with them

-I teach them to be honest, kind, caring and loving

-I get many compliments on how polite, proper and sweet my children are (I guess I am doing a good job)


Thanks for reading another longer than usual post-I really appreciate you hanging around to find out some more about me.


Is there anything else that you would like to know about me? What did you learn today that you didn’t know about me? Was there anything that surprised you?

74 thoughts on “Who is Fit Balling Running Mom Part II

  1. curlycaroline says:

    Wow you are a superwoman! I get tired from throwing a football after like five minutes! It’s awesome you play! Do you follow NFL as well? I just started recently because my boyfriend is so into football. Took me awhile to comprehend the sport and be able to follow along, sometimes I still get confused!

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  2. Debra @HappyRunningSole says:

    So great to learn more about you! I love that you and your husband flipped a coin for your daughter’s name. That would totally be my husband and I. We flip coins to settle a lot of things. I’d love to do a duathlon and triathlon one day. I gotta get more comfy on my bike. I love swimming, but I’m scared to swim in the open water. There’s a few sprint tri’s around here that offer an indoor swim.

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    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Awww thanks! So glad to share 🙂

      Ha! I make sure to keep coins in my purse…you never know when a decision will have to be made-llol!!

      I don’t have a bike nor do I know how to swim…lol!! Maybe I am being a bit ambitious….hmmmm. I did sign up for a swim class this winter..that’s a step-right?


  3. Bradley on the Run says:

    Hello from the blog hop! Great to learn all about you (and your blog name!). I went back and read your post from the first blog hop, too. First of all – 149 posts in 9 months??? That’s prolific! I’m coming up on nearly 2 years, but only 100 posts. Impressive.
    Also, I moved to my own URL earlier this year, and it’s TOTALLY worth it! So much more flexibility with plug-ins, and easier to share the link!
    Congrats on your amazing fitness journey!

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  4. Kim Hatting says:

    It’s great to learn more about you! (I did the Hop a couple weeks ago and have been “stalking” all the current Hoppers LOL). Do a DU! I have only done one, but it was an awesome challenge, and I hope to find more of them to do in 2016. I also have aspirations to (maybe) do a tri…someday 😉

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  5. runninrocker says:

    I want to play too! I had a blast some years ago playing both soccer and softball and just love playing team sports. That is so cool that you play football. You are the only person I actually “know” that plays!! Looks like you have come so far with all your athletic accomplishments. Good for you!! Great getting to know more about you. Such a fun Blog Hop!

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    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      It is so much fun!!

      Although I ran track I always considered it a solo sport. Playing football has been my 1st real team sport experience. It has its ups and downs but overall it is great!

      Thanks-as I was typing out the post, that is when I realized how much I have achieved 🙂

      the blog hop has been so much fun-hasn’t it!!

      Thanks for stopping by-I really appreciate it 🙂


  6. Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com says:

    I’m like the others, I think it’s very cool you play football! You are such a strong woman and setting an great example for your little ones!
    You don’t know how to swim or you don’t know how to swim correctly? See my mom can’t swim a lick! Her mother, who was also afraid of water told her she couldn’t get in the water until she learned how to swim…. ummm yea so mom never learned. True story!

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  7. Denise says:

    Fun to connect with you through Grow Your Blog! So awesome that you play football. I’m also addicted to the half marathon distance. Excited to get back to running halfs when I’m recovered from plantar fasciitis.

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  8. runawaybridalplanner says:

    I still think it is super cool you are into playing Football, I loved learning that a few weeks ago. I did not know you and the hubby get on teams together, AWESOME! What a fun way to spend time together!
    Ragnar races are awesome, which Ragnar did you do?
    I love that you have such great children. You know, sadly in the world now you just don’t see parents who take care of their kids well and teach them manners and how to be polite to others.
    I shouldn’t admit this, but I work PT at a library and when nasty kids come in, or rude teens I get so annoyed with them, some people literally have never taught their children any manners. But the ones that come in, that are so sweet, well behaved and polite I am always giving them candy rewarding their manners with candy or free bookmarks. Sometimes the ones that are rude will ask for some too, and I won’t give it to them, I just tell them start acting better and when I notice I will reward you too. I know that sounds mean, some think it is, but I think it’s just teaching them to be better, it’s up to them to do it or not. Okay, sorry I side tracked a little with too long of a story there:)

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    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Thanks..it is super fun for sure. My hubby and I haven’t played together in a while but when we do, we love it. Him being our coach is a bit tricky for the wife/player but so far it hasn’t been too bad.

      I can not stand rude children!!! I know it is not their fault….they are a product of their environment but I will in a heart beat reprimand a rude child or a child not making a good choice. They usually respond pretty well too.

      In my neighborhood there are these ‘fast’ girls who are always so loud and disrespectful and un-lady like. I have talked to them about their behavior and how they are representing them selves. At first they were like whatever but I kept on them and when ever they see me now, they straighten right up!

      You may not have an adult at home to teach you right but when I see you …you gonna act right!!!

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  9. mkadens1 says:

    Tamieka this was fun to read and learn more about you! What an awesome bunch of accomplishments to be proud of! I love that you met your husband through football and share a passion for it. Girl, you can SO do a tri. I was a non-swimmer (I needed to be rescued and never tried to swim again) until I learned earlier this year and went on to do 4 tris. I still have a long way to go but a finish is a finish! Definitely give it a shot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Awww thanks 🙂 I am so glad I got to share 🙂

      Thanks! We do share the passion for football…it does get a bit tricky being wife and player but still fun!

      I signed up for swimming lessons this winter…its on!!! I am thinking about a late Fall/Early Winter Tri….plenty of time to figure it out.

      Looking for a Dualathon for late summer/early fall

      I will keep you posted 🙂


  10. Mike says:

    Wow! You’ve had some pretty amazing accomplishments, with many more to come! It’s awesome that you play football…I played flag years ago and was a corner as well, so I think that is especially awesome. Keep doing what you do!

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    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Aww thanks for the compliment ;).

      I love playing defense. Our defense is pretty tight too. Last season we had only 1 touchdown scored against us in regular season and 1 in championship.

      Thanks for stopping by-I really appreciate it!


  11. amindfullmom says:

    So fun getting to know you. I am laughing at how you decided your daughter’s name–but I bet it suits her perfectly!! And you look AM-HAZING!!! And you are doing incredible at reaching and surpassing your goals. Truly an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Haha!! It really was funny! We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl so we had names picked out but I was more attached to one..got my wish though -lol!

      Aww thanks…I have put in some work for sure and still a work in progress 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by-I really appreciate it!


  12. Sarah says:

    I feel like we could be buddies – minus the contact football, because I am way to uncoordinated to play, though I did teach PE for a year and taught 8th graders how to throw a tight spiral ;). Both of my kids were magical gifts on the first try. My son’s name was the only one we could agree on, and my daughter’s middle name was only barely decided on when we went to the hospital. It’s nice meeting you, and I’ll definitely be back to read more.

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  13. fionajarrett says:

    Well done for sharing all of this and being so honest. It’s so nice to read this post and learn more about you and your history as a runner and a player. It’s so great how well you’ve come back after your injuries and to be able to run as well as you do now 🙂

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  14. Run Wright says:

    I have been looking forward to reading your spotlight post since the first time you popped up in my feed. I love your story. If there’s one person I want to keep in contact with after the hop, it’s you (don’t tell anyone else) 😀 just kidding. I’ve loved meeting all the bloggers and reading their stories. I’ve never been so inspired!
    I am impressed you did a race 4 months after ACL surgery. That’s the kind of stuff that just makes me want to get up and go do something amazing too. Kudos to you!
    Your family is beautiful. Your story is inspiring. I’m going to check out your first spotlight post now. I know today is a lot of traffic for you but I look forward to staying in touch with you.

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  15. HoHo Runs says:

    I love the nickname Tackles! I participated in both rounds of the hop too. It’s kept me very busy and we certainly have met a lot of diverse people. That is what makes it fun. After cycling for a while, I might consider a duathlon but would definitely need help with my swimming before deciding on a triathlon. Your kids are precious and I know you enjoy every moment with them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fitballingrunningmom says:

      Haha!! I have started to tackle less in my maturing age but will do it if I have to-lol!!
      The blog hop has been so much fun-very time consuming but so much fun. I haven’t been able to keep up well with my regular bloggers but will reconnect next week 🙂
      I haven’t gotten on a bike in ages but am thinking maybe a late summer duatholon and a late fall/early winter tri…we will see. I just signed up for swim classes.
      Thanks-they really are my everything!

      Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it !


    • fitballingrunningmom says:


      Ragnar is a great experience -I would totally recommend it to anyone. I do have 3 posts of recaps from it. You can look under categories on my site and click on race recaps and they will come up.

      Thanks-they bring me such joy!

      Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it !


  16. MB Jackson says:

    love it! I know tons more about you now! Impressive football career lady! Being a Mom is the best thing, I will agree with you- shh, we won’t tell the hubby 🙂

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