Soleful Saturday-Recovery after a long run

When I am training for a race, Saturdays are my long run day.  Since I have been training for half marathons, I have used Hal Higdon’s training programs albeit with a few modifications. Usually in his trainings your long runs increase by a mile each week, which seems to work well for me and my body. Long runs on Saturday mornings give me all day Saturday and Sunday to recover for the following weeks training.

If I am training during football season (which is often the case), this often means that I will have a game or 2 on Sunday and so the recovery on Sunday doesn’t happen fully although after my game(s), I am usually very chilled and relaxing for the rest of the day. With having to play football the following day with fresh legs, I am always looking for ways to recover and restore my legs quickly and effectively.

Typically, I have come in from a long run and stretched, rolled and put on compression socks or sleeves that I will wear for the remainder of the day. I think this practice has been helpful in my post run recovery.


Since the Spring, I have been taking yoga 1 time a week and loving it. Recently, while breathing and posing, I realized that there were many yoga poses that would probably be good to do after a long run to help restore the body and aid in recovery.

I Google searched ‘restorative yoga poses for runners’ and got plenty off hits and found this article on that contained poses that were poses that I could do comfortably (except the ankle stretch-my knees were not having it!).  I liked how the article also talked you through the transitions and how your body should feel and look.

I have incorporated these stretches into my post-long run recovery routine and I feel my body is responding well.

I just finished an 8 mile long run this morning and have 1 but hopefully 2 (we are in the playoffs) football games to play tomorrow and so these yoga poses are right on time to have me recovered and ready to play football tomorrow.



Photo Credit: AE (my son)

What is your post long run routine? Do you use yoga, foam rolling or stretching?

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6 thoughts on “Soleful Saturday-Recovery after a long run

  1. Cynsspace says:

    I love my compression socks for recovery. I can’t imagine playing football the day after a long run. You are a tough lady!
    Yoga has helped me immensely. I get to a class once a week – twice when I am not so busy with work. I think it is the biggest reason that I have stayed injury free for the past year.
    Good luck tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

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