What is the big deal about race expos?!

The days leading up to any race is filled with excitement about the race and for many runners the race expo.  I think I may be the only runner who does not get excited about race expos.  If you have seen one vendor-you have seen them all….well at least I think so.

I am the racer who the week leading up to the race, I am looking to see if I can find someone to pick up my bib and t-shirt so I can avoid the whole race expo!

I love packet pick ups that are outside of the race expo or allow you to walk in a different direction from the expo so I don’t have to actually walk through the expo or see it at all.

Maybe I am missing something. Maybe as a newer runner, I just don’t get the hype.  As much as I have tried, I just can’t get excited about the race expo.

If I could get the option to pay to have my bib and shirt shipped to me…..I totally would.

Reasons I don’t do race expos:

-I HATE crowds and sometimes the runner crowd can be brutal.  I mean really are you pushing past me to get that Root Beer Gu that you can get at your local running/sports store.

-No I don’t need new headphones….ok maybe I do but your 20% expo discount is not cheaper than what I can probably get it for on-line.

-Please don’t temp me with other races and expo only discounts….I can’t handle the temptation…..and the way my knee is set up….

-Running shoes…..well who doesn’t need another pair but your prices are not really a sale.

-Yes, please I would love to get my stride evaluated…..oh you only brought one treadmill for a race with 20,000 participants and the wait is over an 2 hrs….yeah no thanks-I will go to my local running store.

Bondi-band sale…I guess you can never have too many bondi-bands…or can you since I only wear my BGR Bondi-Bands when I am racing.

-Running gear sale….again one can never have too much running gear but I actually have never found anything I really liked and the prices really are not that great.


Am I the only one who doesn’t like the race expo? Do you like race expos? I would love to hear your experiences? 

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18 thoughts on “What is the big deal about race expos?!

  1. Juliana @ 4 Well Rules says:

    I love race expos-the environment makes me happy. I do always go in with a plan on what to buy and i have found some good deals. I buy all of my fuel I need at expos as they are cheaper than any other running place around me (Clif shots are 1 dollar and clif shot bloks are 2 dollars-taxes already included).

    However, i do agree it can be a you see the once, you see them all. I find myself going through expos faster mainly because at this point i know what works for me and what doesnt

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  2. Elizabeth Nordquest says:

    I’m with you. I don’t understand the appeal. I can’t remember an expo where I thought I was getting a great deal on apparel or gear. The Hot Chocolate expo had some free stuff, but I can’t even remember what it was. I like small packet pickups. In, out, and on the way!

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  3. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    What can I say, I love to shop! And crowds don’t bother me. How did you survive growing up in Brooklyn, LOL?

    I have bought some cute tops that I love. I bought a jacket from Livestrong Austin, 4 yrs ago; I still wear it.

    Shoes, nah, never bought them but like to look. Free samples — yes, please!

    At the big expos I actually enjoy going to the talks, too. It’s such a shame that so few runners do because they’re usually quite good.

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  4. fionajarrett says:

    I like and don’t like race expos… I enjoy the atmosphere and the feeling of excitement starting to build as the reality of what you’re about to do sets in. I also get a buzz out of the fact that nearly everyone in that hall is also a runner & will be running with you on the day. But like you, the offers are never that good & I’d rather not have to walk around excessively & tire out the legs. It’s also a nuisance having to make a separate trip to the expo just to collect your no….

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