Runfessions-December 2015

So my 1st Runfession would be that I missed the Friday post of Runfession-haha! So here we are on Sunday. I really can’t believe it is time for another purging of Runfessions and that this is the last Runfessions of 2015! Where has the time gone!?!


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Feel free to share your runfessions and also check out what others are runfessing!

I runfess, that although I was feeling a bit burnt out from running and racing, I am kind of missing it.

I runfess, that looking at the beginning of 2016 and having 1 race in January and the. Next one not until April-just feels weird.

I runfess, that it is so hard not to plan the 2016 race schedule with multiple half marathons. I know I need to listen to my body and make the transition into multi-sporting to save and protect my knee but damn is it hard.

I runfess, that I am feeling really nervous about transitioning to multi-sports. I will be learning how to swim this winter and haven’t ridden a bike since I don’t know….high school maybe.

I runfess, that I thought this running year I would be able to determine my comfortable training and racing pace but that has not happened yet-a continued work in progress.

I runfess, that I tried to do training runs using my HR(heart rate) and failed miserably! It was really difficult but I will keep trying during the off season. 

Well I think that might be it for my runfessions this month. Thank you for letting me purge-I feel soooo much better now.

Do you have anything to Runfess? Have you planned your 2016 race calendar yet?

Have a Fit-Tastic Day!!

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9 thoughts on “Runfessions-December 2015

  1. mkadens1 says:

    I’ve been bipolar with scheduling 2016. One minute I want all the races, but the next I come to my senses. So far I’ve got one sprint tri and most likely a fall marathon. Although haven’t signed up for the marathon…yet. Thanks for linking up! Late is fine! 😀

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  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I have only one thing on my 2016 calendar so far and it feels really weird. I have a lot of things in mind but just haven’t solidified them yet!

    Liked by 1 person

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