12 Days of Christmas Blogging-Day 9

Last week, I accepted the challenge from Karen to participate in the 12 days of Christmas Blogging Challenge with Scale Simple.


At first I thought that I would get totally overwhelmed and stressed about doing 12 straight days of blogging but I realized that I don’t need to add any more stress to this time of year and have completed this on my own time.  I really have been enjoying it though…..thanks Karen for tagging me!

Today’s theme: Who will be sitting with you for Christmas Dinner

There are many joys and woes of living in the same state and city as your family and in-laws.


-You are never alone on a holiday.

-You get to see everyone and enjoy the spirit of the holiday with some many people.

-You get to eat more than once…..maybe even 3 times including dessert!


-You HAVE TO go see everyone on the holiday.

This makes for a very long day for us. Outside of celebrating with our immediate family (me, hubby and kiddies), we have to go to the in-laws house and then to me parents.  Our holidays usually start really early and end really late and at the end I am exhausted.com!!!

To answer the theme question of the day……at our Christmas dinner tables we will have:

-My family (me, hubby and kiddies)

-My in-laws (my husband’s family including siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and anyone else who stops by)

-My family (my mom and dad, brother, sister,  cousins, uncles, aunts and anyone else who stops by)

At either house there can be easily 15-20 people who will be at dinner.  It is a day of family, fun, festivities and love!  Even though splitting the holidays between families is really difficult, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Who will be sitting with you for Christmas Dinner?  Holiday Dinner?

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