Soleful Saturday….My Running Year in Review-2015


It was always my plan to use the last Saturday’s Soleful Saturday post of 2015 as a review of the year and I was so excited to learn about Courtney’s Year of Running link up.  Ties in perfectly!


My 2015 running/racing year has been AMAZING to say the least.  This is my 2nd year of racing/running and the 1st year that I really pushed myself to set and ultimately break some racing goals!

Looking at my races by the months:


2015 miles in 2015 Challenge with 2 of  my friends (more on that later)
1st-MCRRC New Year’s Race-5k

15- MRTT Virtual Run-10k

14th-Rock and Roll DC Half

-12th-Cherry Blossom 10 Mi

-25th-Ben’s Run 5k

-9th-Race For the Cure 5K
-25th-Jeremy’s Run 5K
-30th- Zooma Annapolis Half


-3rd-BGR National Running Day Virtual 5k

8th-MRTT Summer Virtual Race-5k

-2-3 Ragnar DC
-10th-RnR Brooklyn Half

-26th-YMCA Turkey 10K

5-Rehoboth Beach Half
13- MCRRC-Jingle Bell Jog 8k
12th-24th-12Ks of Christmas Challenge

Total Races for 2015:
15 (oooh look 15 races in 2015…total coincidence!)

Total Challenges of 2015: 2

Best race experience:

I can tell you this is really hard.. I really have had an amazing year of setting PRs in every race distance this year but if I have to choose one best race experience, I have to say, hands down it was the MCRRC Candy Cane 5k.  Not only did I PR on this race but I actually raced this race and pushed myself the hardest that I have ever run before since running track in high school and college. To top it off, it was the 1st race that I have ever placed in my age group…I came in 2nd out of 24!!!

Best run: 

This summer I started attending track workout with the DC Luna Chix  on Wednesday mornings.  I am so glad that my schedule allowed it for the summer and then I have been able to pull it off this fall and winter. One of my best track workouts surprisingly was after a hard leg lifting day.  My legs were on FIYAH and somehow, I was able to push through and ended up having my best times at that time (I have improved on these times since then but it was a great run day!):







Best new piece of running gear: 

Hmmmm…as I think about this, I realize that I don’t have anything new in terms of run gear…..that needs to change!!!

Best running advice you’ve received this year:

Right before the Zooma half, I attended the Another Mother Runner book tour for Tales from Another Mother at my local Fleet Feet in Gaithersburg.  There, I had the pleasure of meeting one half of the Another Mother Team. I had the honor of meeting Dimity. I talked to her about my injury and my worry of running with it. She said to me ‘run strong and listen to your body’.  After the half, I looked for her at the AMR booth and was so glad to find her and was so honored that she remembered me from the event and she gave me the biggest hug for ‘running strong!’.DSC01482 (1)(1)

Most inspirational runner:

Before, I started blogging, I met some amazing runners through local run groups like Cynthia and Alanna. Both of them are like me (wife, mother and full-time worker committed to health and fitness).  These ladies are inspirational to me because of their speed and how they make finishing a half under 2hrs and a marathon under 4 hours look like a walk in the park. And then there is Sarah who I met at the track workouts. She too is so fast and her form……right out of a race form book.

All of these ladies, manage their lives with work, family, fitness and running amazingly.

I look forward to meeting more runners who will inspire me this year!

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: 

Ben’s Run– this was the 1st time that the entire family did a run together.

picmix-45.859 (1)


Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: 

In a heartbeat…..DC Ragnar Relay (3 recaps here…enjoy!)

I have never experienced anything like it and would recommend it to EVERYONE!!!




If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? 

Amazing, memorable and mind blowing.  I really don’t know how 2016 will compare but I am looking forward to finding out!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my year in review.  I really appreciate it!


Thank you Courtney for the opportunity to link up with you and all the other amazing runners.

Happy running all!!



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