TOTR-My 2015 race medals


Linking up with the Tuesdays on the Run (TOTR) ladies;  Erica at mcmmamaruns, Patty of noguiltlife and April of runthegreatwidesomewhere.


Today’s theme is: Race medals of 2105

I have shamefully become one of those runners who runs for bling!! Don’t judge me!

I mean a t-shirt, a banana and some Gatorade just doesn’t cut it anymore! Outside of races that I do for a cause, I want my bling!!!

will run for bling.png

Last Christmas, my girlfriend got me a medal holder for Christmas.  At the time, I had maybe 3 medals. Fast forward to just 1 year later and I have a few more medals to add to the medal holder!


Medals I heave earned this year:

MRTT Frozen Booty Virtual 10k

Rock N Roll DC

Cherry Blossom

Zooma Annapolis Half

Black Girls Run Virtual 5k for National Run Day

MRTT Giddy Up 5k Virtual Run

Ragnar DC (3 parts)

Brooklyn Half

Double Heavy Medal for running 2 RnR races in 1 year

Rehoboth Half (re-cap coming soon)

12k of Christmas

2015 in 2015 (re-cap coming soon)

I am going to need a new medal holder soon!

2016 may include less longer races and so that might mean less medals in 2016 but trust and believe I will be on the hunt for 5k and 10ks that give out medals!!

Do you run for bling? Do you know of any 5ks and 10ks that give out medals?


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27 thoughts on “TOTR-My 2015 race medals

  1. Chocolaterunsjudy says:

    I really only love my half medals. There is one local 5k (I’m sure there are more) that hands out medals but frankly, even though it’s a pretty medal, I could definitely live without it.

    Maybe I’d feel differently if I couldn’t run halfs anymore.

    You will definitely need another medal holder!

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